THE 10 BEST APPS TO EDIT YOUR PHOTOS: Time is an easy thing to do, and if you have to maintain constant content on social networks, you will hardly be able to meticulously edit your photos. So I decided to choose an alternative to edit so that I could maintain consistency and not waste so much time editing the photos on my computer. And that alternative, in this case, are the editing applications for smartphones.


Here, I recommend 10 of the best applications that I have tried and that maybe they can help you.

10. ColorStory

A perfect application to give life and color to your photographs. Its main feature is filters. Although it has a simple photo editing, it is very effective.a color story photo editor

9. PicsArt

Mandatory application for your mobile device. It allows you to edit the photo to your liking, in addition to the collage function. It is the photo editing app by definition. It does what it promises.picsart photo editor

8. Pixlr

The quintessential photo editing application. It allows us to refine the light in detail in addition to being able to play very completely with double exposure.pixlr

7. Bazaart

Creativity in its purest form. It allows us to play with images, double exposures, cutouts, etc. in a very interactive and easy way. Results worthy of recognition can come from this application.bazaart photo editor

6. Rookie Cam

Filters, filters and more filters. A highly interactive application that prepares your photo to look good. It also has live camera filters.rookie cam photo editor

5. Photoshop Fix

If you already know the computer version, you will know that yes or yes will guarantee a good result. This application will allow you to change any small detail. It allows you to retouch your face, remove content from the photo that you do not want to appear, adjust shadows and lights in specific areas … A must for small details. In addition, it allows us to synchronize the editions of the app with the program.adobe photoshop fix

4. Afterlight

Although it is a paid application, it is one of the indispensable applications for many people, and it is that the simplicity of using the application can lead to amazing results.afterlight

3. Lightroom

Another computer application adapted to mobile. But it is not one more. Although we know Lightroom for the quintessential photo editing program, in application it could not be less. It allows us to freely edit the photograph (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, colors …). In addition, we also have available the synchronization between the application and the PC / Mac.adobe lightroom

2. Snapseed

Property of Google, this application will allow you to do everything (photographically speaking). It has multiple options and allows you to edit the details very accurately.snapseed photo editor

1. VSCO Cam

To my liking, the best fast editing application. And fast because it has a very powerful versatility that allows you to have very good results with little time invested. If you regularly upload content to your social networks, this application is necessary for you.vsco photo editor

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