10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019: Here you will find a collection of the best WordPress live chat add-ons, listed some PHP live chat add-ons, as well as software that can be integrated with any WordPress site. Most of the content on the Internet has the same formats. Be it text, images, videos or a GIF. The creator of the content is the one who publishes, and everyone else is the one who sees and listens. This is good on a single entertainment basis, but sometimes people have questions that do not find answers, sometimes the content does not explain itself, and other times users want questions answered one by one.

For example, 68% of all customers do not make a purchase, and most of this happens because they have questions or concerns about products or services. To eliminate problems, you can install the functions of a live chat on your website.
Another method is to include a system of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer user questions. Well see a list of the best accessories here. We also add a personal touch level to your website or blog. You can offer exceptional, much better and more attractive customer service than typical email support. In addition, you can address their problems instantly, which is always an advantage for your customers, since nobody likes to wait. Again, as discussed, many people leave an electronic store due to the ambiguity of the content. And in this way with the functionality of a live chat, you can address these potential customers, answer their questions, queries, and increase conversations.

If you are here it is because you are an active WordPress user, and you complain that the platform is full of very good add-ons that allow you to chat with your clients one by one. In fact, there are so many add-ons in this category that you can even get confused about what is best and what suits your needs. But I will give a specific explanation of each one so that the choice is the most appropriate.

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019

In this post, he put together a list of the best WordPress plugins for a live chat separating straw from wheat. So without further ado, let’s see this list:

1.Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019The name of the plugin says it all. With this add-on, you can incorporate Facebook’s live chat features into your WordPress website and make it more attractive for your visitors to see. It’s very easy to start with this add-on, and you don’t have to go through complicated settings to make it active. With this add-on you can convert your visitors into customers. You can always be active on your site and make it very easy for potential customers to ask any questions before a purchase process.

You can use this chat system for an unlimited session, with unlimited users and have an unlimited history of chat sessions.

It is a chat system compatible with mobile devices, so you don’t have to sit in front of your desktop PC to support your customers. Install this add-on and take your business with you wherever you go.

2.Live Chat Unlimited

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019Live Chat Unlimited offers support for unlimited website installation and installation of unique websites respectively. It is fully customizable, which means you can mold it according to the design style of your site.  There are also a lot of beautiful skins that you can apply to your chat box. In addition, the add-on receives periodic updates along with incredible features.

As for the features, it provides total freedom to create and remove operators from your support team. There is also an option that allows multiple operators to enter and answer single user questions. We see all the features below:

  • Open source to programmers
  • Installation in unlimited domains
  • 100 users can chat at the same time (i.e. 10 operators and 90 visits)
  • Lightweight … It works on iframe so as not to harm the performance of your page Your
  • widget loads once your page is fully loaded.
  • Multilingual support (WPML and Polylang plugins)
  • Very clean code
  • More than one operator can answer the same user’s question.
  • “Email notifications” when the new visit is online (optional)
  • SSL support All your messages and visits will be encrypted.
  • Tested with the latest version of WordPress
  • GDPR compliance
  • Tested with PHP 7.2 and WordPress 5.0

3.Awesome Live Chat

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019Awesome Live Chat is another customizable live chat plugins for WordPress. It comes with elegant and classic themes, along with a lot of color combinations to help personalize the chat box.

In addition to allowing to provide a quality service to the client and your visits, the complement also provides an exceptional service to the buyer if he has any problem with this. The list of features of the complement offers a responsive design, the option of having infinite operators and departments, analysis of visits such as where your client comes from, the country, its IP address and much more.

In addition to helping your visits, there is an offline messaging option for when operators are offline, then there is the possibility of allowing users to take a transcript of the chat session and many similar options.

4.FluentChat – WordPress Live Chat

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019FluentChat is a WordPress Live Chat plugin for translation. This can be very useful if your company or service is addressed to a global audience, and your visitors or customers ask their questions in their mother tongue.

Also, since you can accept and answer questions in the native language of the visits, this can help build a better relationship with them.

In addition to being ready for translation, other interesting features offered by the plug-in include user role management, operator profiles, online operator hours, options for having multiple active conversations, SMS notification support, chat files, Default answers to frequently asked questions and much more.

Keep in mind that the plugin does not come with many customization features and you get a very generic chat box. It has a very basic and clean design aspect that helps to integrate with the aesthetics of your site so that the design is not a problem.

5.WordPress Live Chat

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019As the name implies, this is a live chat add-on created for the WordPress platform. The fresh feeling and clean design of the plugin helps create a very professional-looking chat option for any business.

It is a comprehensive solution when it comes to customer service requirements. You can create custom frequently asked questions ready to use. It offers amazing settings with widgets and customization features. It has color options to combine the chat system with the design of your site. You can make the chat system available in full screen, make it easy to use and have better control while chatting with your potential customers.

It also offers the option of emoticons and avatar to ensure that your live chat system is perfect for improving business support.

6.PHP Live Chat Pro

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019PHP Live Chat Pro is a feature-rich live chat add-on for WordPress websites. It comes with a series of incredible functions that allow you to obtain the conversion of a potential client.

For starters, your live chat box comes with full translation support, which is always a welcome feature as I explained above. Then there is the free mobile application that you can use to chat with your customers on the go. We see a more detailed description of its list of features.

While chatting with a client, you can see their location. Then comes the option to share files directly from the chat box. Social media URLs also appear in the chat box as alternative support media. Then come all the customization options to help adjust the color and text in the chat box. Other features include a full screen mode, chat logs, support for emoticons and avatars, frequently asked questions, widget display and much more.

7.Pure chat

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019Pure Chat is a perfect live chat plugin if your highest requirement is to have a chat box that can be customized without limits. No doubt you can create beautiful and attractive chat boxes, which your customers will not mind appreciating and looking at while they wait for their response. The addon offers an extensive list of tools such as unlimited colors, a variety of amazing animations, compatibility with custom images, etc.

However, it is not merely every aspect without substance. In fact you get very advanced features such as an analytical tool, multiple chat management, proactive chat triggers and much more. There is also the option to enable a schedule for when the live chat feature is enabled or disabled.

By default, all live chat boxes become a subscription form that you can use with any MailChimp email list.


10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019iFlyChat is another option to include a free and premium live chat. The free version of the addon offers a maximum of ten connections with all the standard features.

With this add-on, you can surely increase user participation in your site. You can have private and public chat sessions with your potential clients.

This plugin offers a system in the configuration to minimize spamming; You can moderate the chat system to keep it clean and ready. The add-on integrates perfectly with the system for creating BuddyPress communities, giving you a good boost with the amazing chat feature.

9.Live chat by Formilla

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019Formilla is a very efficient live chat tool that is available in a free or paid variant. In fact, the add-on is so rich in features that you can use the free version if you only receive a moderate amount of traffic to your website.

You also get support for proactive chat, even with the free version. However, only up to 30 chats are allowed per month. It also lacks customization tools with the free variant.

However, with the premium version, you get support to manage a large number of chats, which is necessary for high traffic websites. Then there are customization options that you can use to change the appearance of your website. Premium users also get the advantage of chatting through Android or iOS, which means you can keep in touch while traveling. Other impressive features you get is real-time visit monitoring, offline email forms, chat queues and much more.

10.TIDIO Live Chat

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019The TIDIO Live Chat plugin for WordPress offers one of the group’s most intuitive user interfaces. So, if you are new to WordPress and want to provide live chat support to your customers, I recommend you try this add-on.

In terms of appearance, the plugin is available in three different designs that you can customize in the colors that best suit the aesthetics of your site. All the chats you have activated are handled directly from the Tidio chat tab, which is installed on your WordPress panel. You can also manage them through your mobile by downloading the corresponding application.

The add-on supports functions such as automatic messaging to your customers, if for any reason you are busy. Also if the client leaves the chat, there is the option to continue through emails.

11.WP Live Chat Support

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019As the name implies, this add-on is created for live chat support with WordPress. A live chat can be very useful for better sales, because potential customers get that additional assurance that there is someone who supports them immediately if there is a problem.

WP Live Chat Support is a free WordPress plugin that helps you offer assistance to your customers. This is a great tool for small businesses. With this add-on, you can have unlimited simultaneous live chat sessions, which is an excellent and very useful feature.

The plugin offers a complete configuration regarding the design and use. You can change the color combination of the live chat widget to make sure it looks like a part of your site.

It also offers six different chat theme options to choose from, and you can adjust the layout according to your needs. Users can move the live chat widget across the screen to make it easier for them to use the chat along with other work they are doing. The plug-in saves messages when you are not online for live support so you can return and reply to those messages.

12.Zoho SalesIQ

10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019Not only does it serve for a live chat, but it is also a complete sales support system for WordPress sites. This is a free with many interesting details that we see below.

With this Zoho plugin you will be aware of your visits on the web. If you are managing an online store in WordPress, this system gives you amazing details of your store visits, such as geolocation, reference source, etc., so you can easily make your business decisions based on the data.

This live chat system comes with an automatic trigger to attract your store visits and increase revenue on your site.


10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019This is an excellent live chat add-on for WordPress that brings high quality participation to your site. As I mentioned earlier, a chat system on your site can make a big difference in conversion. It is always a good idea to make it easier for your visitors to obtain information on the content they can find, from users who like to buy on the sites with a real person behind.

Therefore, interactions and commitment are very important. The plugin offers a modern chat interface to your site. It has all the features and options so that the chat system integrates perfectly with your website. It is a complement of free and paid chat, the free version of the plugin is limited compared to the payment options. The free version offers up to 5 simultaneous users, while the paid version can reach up to 1000.

The group chat option is available in the paid version. If you are managing a smaller site with limited users, the free version is good enough to get you started. You can always update if you need it as your business grows.

(10+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins compared for 2019)

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