10+ Free Amazon Affiliate Plugins for Your WordPress Website

10+ Free Amazon affiliate Plugins for your WordPress website: We assume that the following situation is very familiar to many of our readers. You think you work all the time, but you still don’t have enough money. Have you ever faced this problem? Well, we have asked some of our readers how they earn additional income. And they told us about their experience as affiliates of big markets like Amazon.

It turned out to be really easy to get passive income. Already have a WordPress website? If not yet, you can use one of our WordPress themes to create your page quickly and easily.

In two words, due to a wide variety of solutions that affiliate marketers can benefit, in this post we decided to create a compilation of free Amazon plugins for WordPress. Known as the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon has become the preferred web resource that many affiliate marketers want to link to. Manually adding dozens of Amazon affiliate links to your website is not a good idea. That is why we have prepared a series of free tools that will do this work for you.

10+ Free Amazon Affiliate Plugins for Your WordPress Website

This 10+ Free Amazon affiliate Plugins for your WordPress website will be of interest to any Amazon affiliate and even to someone who only plans to become one. All the tools listed below are updated frequently and are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

1.Replace Amazon Links in Feed with post URL

The Amazon Terms of Service do not allow you to use affiliate links in emails. While many people use RSS feeds to promote emails to users, there is a need to facilitate the process of allowing the end user to obtain their affiliate link. Well, the developers of this add-on came up with an idea to create an automatic solution that replaces affiliate links in a feed with inbound links.

wpfreepoint- Replace Amazon Links in Feed with post URL – WordPress plugin - 2019

  • Replace affiliate links with a direct login URL
  • Required: version 3.0.1 or higher

2.Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

By installing this add-on on your WordPress site, you will get Amazon products / items formatted and quickly added to your posts or pages by using the Amazon ASIN product. To use the plugin, you must have an Amazon affiliate account and Amazon Product Advertising API keys (root keys only).

wpfreepoint- Amazon Product in a Post Plugin – WordPress plugin - 2019

  • Adding any Amazon product to an existing entry or page using a short code
  • Choice of products that are suitable for your site
  • Management of Amazon article submission form: top / bottom entry or make the
  • content of an entry part of the product design
  • Adding an unlimited number of products to pages / entries
  • Required: version 3.9 or higher

3.Amazon Link

The add-in is used to quickly add Amazon product links to existing entries or pages. They can be simple text links, thumbnails or full-size images, complex templates or Amazon widgets. The content of the links can be managed by the author when a link is created or updated after publication while using Amazon data.

  • wpfreepoint- Amazon Link – WordPress plugin - WordPress.org - 2019
  • It integrates with a search tool to help users create links in posts or pages
  • It has a simple Amazon short code to generate product links
  • Includes a localization tool for all links that is based on the nationality of the reader
  • Thanks to an optional multinational popup window, users can choose which Amazon site to visit
  • It includes a set of preintegrated templates for all the main Amazon widgets, those like carousel, my favorites, etc.
  • Required: version 3.3 or higher

4.Amazon Link Engine

Use it to convert all Amazon affiliate links on your site into globalized links that work in all Amazon storefronts. Therefore, all clicks of your international audiences are sent to the appropriate items in their local storefronts, which increases your conversions.

wpfreepoint- Amazon Link Engine – WordPress plugin - 2019

  • Automatic localization and translation of all Amazon products
  • It allows you to earn commission from all Amazon Associates programs
  • Required but not mandatory: you can register with Geniuslink and synchronize
  • Amazon Link Engine with the Geniuslink account and get advanced reports to ensure
  • you earn all the international affiliate commissions you deserve
  • Required: version 2.7 or higher

5.Amazon Auto Links

With this add-on there is no need to worry about the availability of Amazon products displayed on your site. It will automatically display links to Amazon’s decent products. The add-on supports 10 Amazon sites and works in browsers with JavaScript disabled. All links are tagged with your Amazon Associate ID. With their help you can search not only specific categories but also products.

wpfreepoint- Amazon Auto Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin – 2019

  • Automatic insertion of links in entries and feeds
  • It includes the possibility of inserting the widget in a sidebar
  • Use of short codes to insert ads in specific posts or pages
  • Definition of custom buttons
  • Exporting ads to external sites with a feed
  • Required: version 3.4 or higher

6.WP Offload S3 Lite

With this add-on installed on your WordPress site, you can be sure that all the images, videos, documents and other multimedia data that you upload to your site’s multimedia library will automatically be added to Amazon S3. The URLs of each media file are also automatically replaced with the respective Amazon S3 URLs. If you install an add-on on a website that has already been launched, do not expect all your multimedia content to be copied and sent to Amazon S3. It works only with the data you upload after the plug-in installation.

wpfreepoint - WP Offload Media Lite for Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google _ - wordpress plugins-2019

  • Copy all media added through the WordPress media loader to Amazon S3
  • Replace media URLs with their respective Amazon S3 URLs
  • Required: version 4.4 or higher

7.Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer

The add-on installs an output filter that searches for links to Amazon.com and Amzn.com. By rewriting the latter, it directs users to Amazon store specific to the country, using geolocation by IP.

wpfreepoint- Amazon Link Localizer – WordPress plugin - 2019

  • Rewrite unique text links with ASIN from various URL formats
  • Support Amazon.com and Amzn.com links
  • Rewrite links to keywords / search results
  • Direct users to Amazon stores in their countries
  • Required: version 2.8 or higher

8.Amazon Product Feeder

Use this add-on to create commercial content of Amazon products on your WordPress pages or posts through a short code. If something changes in the elements chosen on Amazon, the respective content will also be updated on your site. You can mark the content with the New, Popular or Recent tags, thus providing your audience with a more pleasant shopping experience.

wpfreepoint– Create Product Feeds For 40+ Merchants – WordPress plugin -2019

Create Amazon product pages on your site with a short code
The data on your site is updated every time the respective content on Amazon is changed
Required: version 2.8 or higher

9.2kb Amazon Affiliates Store

Easy to handle, this add-on allows you to create an Amazon affiliate store with all the necessary functions in which physical and digital products are sold and variants, a shopping cart, payment options and personalized themes are offered.

wpfreepoint - 2kb Amazon Affiliates Store – WordPress plugin -2019

  • Show each item as input
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes
  • Show variations and product versions
  • It has an intelligent product attribute management system
  • Imports by ASIN, a search by category and a link from Amazon.com
  • Required: version 4.0 or higher

10.The Ultimate Solution For Amazon Affiliates

With these add-ons installed on your site you will have a quick and efficient tool on hand that allows you to start and launch your Amazon affiliate site in a few hours. The add-on is compatible with any WordPress theme and is ready to use.

wpfreepoint-The Ultimate Solution For Amazon Affiliates – WordPress plugin - 2019

90 day cookie policy
SEO plugin integration
Google structured data
Required: version 3.7 or higher

11.FS-14 Automatic Amazon Affiliate Plugin

This is a good free solution to monetize your articles. With your help, the most relevant Amazon product links will be added to your entries and the latter will also be enhanced with product boxes in a sidebar widget. It is fully responsive and AdBlocker does not recognize it.

wpfreepoint-FS-14 Automatic Amazon Affiliate Plugin – WordPress plugin-2019

  • Show automatic product links in a visible sidebar widget
  • Make price updates in real time
  • Automatically add large product images through the AWS API
  • The short code mode allows you to include the box anywhere in your entry
  • Required: version 3.7 or higher

12.Amazon Post Purchase

With the help of this add-on you can display a set of Amazon products related to your post or page in a sidebar widget. It uses the latest version of the Amazon Product Advertising API, which guarantees the highest level of security for all transactions.

wpfreepoint-Amazon Post Purchase – WordPress plugin-2019

  • Works with themes compatible with dynamic sidebars
  • Show a list of Amazon products that are related to a particular entry or page
  • Required: version 2.5 or higher


After great tour of this plugin, What do you think of 10+ Free Amazon affiliate Plugins for your WordPress website? I would like to know your opinion! Leave a comment if you want to share your point of view or if you have any questions. See More Plugins…..

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