10+ Websites to Submit or Share Your Blog Post and Get Huge Traffic

For your blog to succeed, writing and posting posts is not enough. There is so much digital competition out there, and it is not enough to build something to succeed. Once we press the “Publish” button the work has just begun, now is the time to promote your work.

For most bloggers, the natural first step is to share their content on Facebook and Twitter, but after this many writers are lost. If all you are doing is showing your blog on these sites, you are losing thousands of potential sight hits that could come from sharing on other platforms.

10+ Websites to Submit or Share Your Blog Post and Get Huge Traffic.

Let’s start with what are the main social platforms to share your posts:


The active Pinterest community makes this a great place to build traffic. By publishing an attractive and relevant image with a link to your publication, your shared image can help you attract readers.


Scoop.it is one among the places where web users go once they look for new and interesting content, making it an excellent place to post your blog entries. you’ll start using the program for free of charge , but these “freemium” accounts are limited to at least one topic. For $ 11 / month, you’ll upgrade to 5 topics, while commercial accounts with 15 topics are $ 67 / month.


If you need fast traffic, look no further because Triberr is what you need. This platform is a social network where joining oriented “tribes” can help you establish relationships with other bloggers and gain traffic by sharing the content of others.


StumbleUpon is a social network that allows users to browse random web pages by clicking on the “Stumble” button. Add your content to the network and, if users like it (as indicated in their post ratings), you are more likely to appear in the random search rotation. It is an easy way to boost credibility and increase the number of readers.


If your blog wants to approach in any way, consider sharing your post on BizSugar. This site is designed to help bloggers share news and tips from small businesses, making it a great place to find new readers if this is your target audience.

6.Your newsletter:

This is a valuable resource that allows you to have email addresses of your followers – it’s easy to build a list of subscribers who are interested in your content and your industry. When you have new blog content, share it with your list via email. If you publish frequently, consider sending weekly or biweekly updates to avoid stressing your subscribers with too many emails.


Instagram is another visual sharing site similar to Pinterest – use the same strategy you would use to make your content notice there and on Twitter. Instagram has a great reach in the demography of young and young adults, making it an option to share very attractive content for brands.

8.Engage Blog:

Blog Engage is a site that allows you to publish publications on a wide variety of topics for others to read. Everything from finance to anime to cosmetics is covered, so no matter what your focus, you can find an audience of potential new readers on this blog exchange website.

9. Visual.ly:

Not only is Visual.ly dedicated to helping companies create infographics and other sorts of visual content, but it also provides a community to share these files. By converting your blog content into infographics or other pieces of visual content and sharing them on this site, you’ll dramatically increase your blog’s exposure.

10.LinkedIn Groups:

Sharing content on LinkedIn Groups offers you a specific exposure beyond your usual list of connections. Just make sure the group receives shared content and make sure the message is relevant to the group’s theme. Being perceived as a spammer on these sites will not do your brand any favor.


Finally, if you have a specific niche, it is likely that there is a sub-forum of Redditors (The users of Reddit) although the relationship with them could be really intense, make sure that the content you share is really good and specific, and completely free of promotions. The page has a lot of traffic, if you gain confidence and credibility you could receive an avalanche of users!

Finding places to share your blog entries is not difficult – the Internet is a huge place with a large number of opportunities. Just make sure your content is relevant to the specific community you are targeting and comply with strict quality guidelines before sharing. When you do, you will discover that there are thousands of potential readers available to you that you would never know by sticking only to Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, 10+ Websites to Submit or Share Your Blog Post and Get Huge Traffic and always keep in mind that you must support the traffic with a fast and performant page, and with a server that can withstand large traffic.

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