10+ Tips To Get Google Adsense Approval Trick with Website

10+ Tips To Get Google Adsense Approval Trick with Website: So you want to make money with Google AdSense? Excellent!.

Everyone loves it. And why shouldn’t it? Of course, AdSense is the best for ads on the network of bloggers, webmasters or publishers. However, new bloggers face a common problem, and they are not able to be accepted by Google AdSense. Of course, they make some common blog mistakes, but not being able to get AdSense approval is something that frustrates many.

If you already know these tips before starting your blog, it is possible to reject frustration and rejection and move on with passion and dedication. But after starting blogs and doing all the hard work, the last thing we want is to be rejected by the Google AdSense team.

Although AdSense is not the only way to make money with blogs and there are already several other ways to monetize your blog traffic, but getting Google AdSense approved really matters. But let me tell you a fact, the days are gone when people use to get Google AdSense approval with tricks.

But if you are still struggling to get Google AdSense approve your account, you have to keep reading this article, today I will share all those authentic tricks that will make you able to get your AdSense approval easily and quickly. But before I share my quick AdSense approval tips with you, let me share that. AdSense application is generally rejected.

Why does the Google AdSense Team Reject Your Request?

In the last year, I have been connecting with many bloggers, newbies, as well as the elderly. I have been helping you in the process of obtaining approved Google AdSense, as well as the learning of the elderly and therefore I am sharing the personal experience by which many AdSense applications are rejected.

1. There is not enough content.

This is the most common reason why many AdSense applications are rejected. Normally new bloggers apply for Google AdSense as soon as their website is launched. They are very tempted to make money with Google AdSense very fast, but keep in mind, the AdSense team needs enough quality content to show ads on your site.

So consider improving the quality of your content and you should write detailed and long messages that contain more than 500-600 words. However, there is no specific number of messages you must have to get the Google AdSense approved.

2. Material With Copyright.

Another common reason for not getting Google AdSense approved, which not many of the bloggers get to know in their early days, is that of copyrighted materials. We all know that images improve the quality of a blog and adding images to a publication is quite important.

But these images are good, as long as you keep your copyrights, otherwise they could produce adverse effects. So use only royalty-free images or otherwise make the correct attribution.

3. Not Having Important Pages.

You should also have some important pages such as, about us, privacy policy, contacts, etc. To make your blog more professional.

Many people think that having these pages does not matter. But I must say, without these pages your site is incomplete and AdSense ads cannot be placed on incomplete websites or websites under construction.

4. Difficult Navigation Through The Site.

Another very common reason why you are not being approved by Google AdSense, is not having a good navigation within the site. This is often ignored by many bloggers but it is equally important to allow users to easily navigate when they are on your site.

10+ Tips To Get Google Adsense Approval Trick with Website

Starting from the beginning, here are some common steps you need to follow in order for Google AdSense to accept it easily.

1. Obtain a Top Level Domain.

In the past people were accepted by AdSense using a sub-domain like abc.blogspot.com or xyz.wordpress.com, but now it is a thing of the past. And it is necessary to have a top-level domain name in order to get fast AdSense approval.

This is also the reason why blogger bloggers should buy a custom domain name. So it is better to follow these tips to select a perfect domain name.

2. Have a good design and easy navigation.

When you are looking to make a serious business with blogs you need to first invest some money in subjects such as premium WordPress themes, custom template, the best hosting service etc., to have a high quality website with a good attractive design and navigation. Having quality content alone does not guarantee the success of blogs.

3. Write Fresh Content.

Typically, new bloggers make a common mistake of content copied from here and there. Doing this can make you “hero” for a few days, but seriously doing this will get you nowhere.

Also the ever changing algorithm of the Google SEO and AdSense team does not value the copied content. So it is better to write fresh and useful creative articles for readers with these creative writing tips.

4. Use Images Without Copyright.

As discussed earlier in the post, you should not include copyrighted material, such as images, videos, copyrighted files, etc., in blog posts. Also, if you offer any download links for software or files, etc., make sure they are not copyrighted.

Same is the case with its content, do not fill your blog with hacking, tutorials or illegal resources such as adult content, gambling / casino / alcohol related content, etc. If your site includes such types of material, they reject you without any consideration.

5. Have “About the Page”.

An about the page allows visitors to know what you are, what you offer and why people should trust you. It is the most important page a site should have from day one. Without that, it becomes very difficult to know what services it offers and therefore it will not be approved by Google AdSense.

6. Have Privacy Policy.

An important page is its privacy policy, which contains all the legal information related to how to take and use the data of the users who visit your website. Now, it is clearly written in the terms and conditions of AdSense, to include a privacy policy that must address the way your site takes cookies, device-specific information, location information and other user information.

Therefore you must have a privacy policy if you wish so that AdSense accepts it. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer for her, you can use an online tool to create the privacy policy.

7. Let People Contact You Through the “Contact” Page.

Your main purpose of blogs should be to give importance to your readers and provide them with all the useful information. What if they have to contact you privately for any help? They need a contact page to convey their message to you.

8. Add Some Categories.

The addition of some categories makes people know what kind of things they will get from your site. This means that they can trust you for those matters related to the subject.

Indirectly, build confidence and throw a message that will exist there for a long time. After all, the AdSense team has partnered with you to have a long-term partnership, isn’t it?

9. Have Some Search Traffic.

After launching your site, the first thing you should do is get your blog indexed in search engines, as this will help you get traffic to your blog.

10. Avoid Paid Traffic or Traffic from Doubtful Sources.

First, let me state that traffic is not necessary to get Google AdSense to approve it. This is the biggest conception that has spread by some crazy people in the industry. They simply put a logic behind this “Why do AdSense people advertise on your blog if they don’t receive traffic?”

I must say, it is not your problem. The AdSense team has perfect skills for managing all these matters and simply need a few websites to meet the huge demand of advertisers.

11. Remove Other Ads Before Applying.

Yes, this is the most recommended step for AdSense to accept it. Not only AdSense, it is the same story for all other ads on the web. They need some clean and tidy websites to review and we all know that ads make your site messy. So first remove all ads and then apply. This will certainly be beneficial to get Google AdSense approve your account.

12. Apply With Genuine Details.

When you are applying for Google AdSense, keep your legal documents with you, you must provide all your basic information such as name, age, address, country name, etc. very genuinely. The AdSense team will verify all these details.

And once they find something wrong, AdSense approval time increases. While on the other hand, if they find that all these details are fine, they partially approve.

13. Place Ad Codes And Wait.

The new AdSense approval process involves two-step verification. First of all, review your site registration data and verify other similar basic details to know if you are eligible to join the AdSense team, so they are partially approved.

Then you have to place the ad codes to your site and they will review your site.

And when the second step is complete, the green signal is obtained and a message of congratulations is sent to your email in which the approval of AdSense was requested.

14. Reapply after correction if not approved.

Although these tips will certainly help you get Google AdSense, you may not receive approval. So you must correct the errors and reapply.

You have the right to reapply 1000+ times, as long as they do not permanently ban your application. So if you stop applying after 1 or 2 times, you will surely be losing your remaining 999+ possibilities to reapply.

15. Follow AdSense Policies.

Everyone focuses on tricks to get Google AdSense approval, but nobody tells you the hard truth about Google AdSense. And I must share it with you here. The AdSense team is very strict in making follow their program policies. You are in your income sharing program, as long as you follow their terms and conditions.

Violation of policies can lead to permanent banning of your account instantly. So if you want to stay in the game you must follow its terms and conditions.

(10+ Tips To Get Google Adsense Approval Trick with Website)

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