50+ Free Article Submission Sites 2020 (High PR and DA)

50+ Free Article Submission Sites 2020 (High PR and DA): Article submission is one of the off-page SEO techniques. Some people have the misconception that the article submission is now dead. Is not true. Even after new SEO updates, article submission is a great off-page SEO trick to achieve quality backlinks to your website or blog. Article submission is good not only for getting quality backlinks, but it also offers many benefits.
Here on this blog, I will walk you through the great benefits of submitting your article on high DA sites. Also for the convenience of the reader, WPressBlog has listed here some of the best high DA sites for article submission.

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Benefits of article submission

Submitting articles to sites with a high DA always generates great benefits, such as:

Free internet marketing:

Major article submission sites allow you to add links to your blog or website within the article content. This is how you can advertise your products and services with free marketing media.

Increase the credibility of your business:

Almost all article submission sites allow you to describe yourself and your business via the author bio box at the bottom of the article body. You can fill in a keyword rich description here to advertise your company’s products or services. Also, this field allows you to include a link to your blog or website.
The more the reader gathers to read your article, the more your personality, as well as the credibility of your brand, will boost your industry.

Boost traffic:

You can easily improve the traffic to your website or blog through the links you have added within the article content and the author biography box.
Once the site owner approves your article, you can gather high-quality converting traffic to your blog. You can also share or republish your content through different social media sites to get traffic.

Generate leads and sales:

With article submission, you can easily generate sales and leads for your business. If you do not have a website and are looking for a way to viralize your brand among the target audience, you will never go wrong with your article submission.
However, it is to suggest that if you don’t know how to create a website, you can simply create a free blog from WordPress or Blogger and purchase a domain. Include that link within the article content (if possible) or in the author’s bio box.

Here is a list of sites that is already filtered in terms of their ranking, domain and page authority, and other quality factors ..

50+ Free Article Submission Sites 2020 (High PR and DA)

Sr. No. Website List Alex
1 hubpages.com 9,554
2 www.selfgrowth.com 37,583
3 www.sooperarticles.com 87,523
4 www.articlesfactory.com 110,500
5 www.pubarticles.com 130,149
6 www.articles.org 143,900
7 www.articlebiz.com 164,497
8 www.insertarticles.info 168,856
9 www.articlecube.com 174,511
10 www.encodinghub.com 175,578
11 www.thearticlebuzz.com 178,976
12 www.amazines.com 186,974
13 www.123articleonline.com 191,214
14 www.articlesbd.com 210,371
15 www.articlealley.com 219,492
16 www.easy-articles.com 238,354
17 ezinemark.com 274,395
18 www.ezinemark.com 274,395
19 www.articlesphere.com 289,599
20 www.openarticles.com 296,957
21 www.isnare.com 320,150
22 www.articles.seoforums.me.uk 325,617
23 articles.submityourarticle.com 345,290
24 www.goarticles.info 384,629
25 articlicious.com 388,093
26 articlecatalog.com 398,053
27 www.howtoadvice.com 411,980
28 www.a1articles.com 467,393
29 www.threadwatch.org 468,190
30 www.articlecede.com 509,538
31 www.streetarticles.com 533,805
32 www.ezinepost.com 570,498
33 www.simplysearch4it.com 655,285
34 www.articlegeek.com 706,591
35 www.linkcompose.com 726,298
36 uberarticles.com 793.606
37 www.upublish.info 840,487
38 www.readezarchive.com 863,296
39 www.dime-co.com 944,004
40 www.articlekit.com 946,502
41 www.articlebliss.com 1,149,562
42 letsbefamous.com 1,157,632
43 www.articledoctor.com 1.192.378
44 www.1articleworld.com 1,281,697
45 articleneed.com 1.326.923
46 adarticles.net 1,467,447
47 www.realestateproarticles.com 1,531,259
48 insertarticle.com 1,905,463
49 www.addyourstory.info 2,209,081
50 www.goyourstory.com 2,420,140
51 www.netezinearticles.com 2,467,141
52 www.dailykhoz.com 2,631,610
53 www.abcarticledirectory.com 3,052,376
54 article999.com 3,356,949
55 assentarticle.com 4,158,375
56 www.rebelmouze.com 4.300.808
57 www.earticlesonline.com 6.348.551
58 www.articledashboard.com 6.822.122

How to use the list of article submission sites?

Choose the sites one by one from the list of previously published article submission sites.
Create an account with some of your credentials like email, password, username, etc.
After account confirmation, log in with your same credentials (email / username, password)
Click on the item’s shipping option. Fill in the form with the title, description, article body, tags or keywords, and author bio at the end.
Now click submit.
That’s. Now, wait until your article is approved by the site owners. It can take weeks or days depending on your terms and conditions.
Before submitting the article, you should make sure that it is informative and not overly promotional. Use appropriate keywords in article title, description and body (no more than 3-5% keyword density)


Hope this blog walks you through how to use high DA article submission sites to get quality traffic and links to your website or blog.

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