What is affiliate marketing and how does an affiliate program work?

In recent years, affiliate marketing, or also known as results marketing, has become one of the most important online marketing strategies when promoting a product or service. In addition, on the part of the advertiser, it is an excellent tool to monetize a blog or a web page.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) places this branch of marketing in the mid-1990s, when Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, developed a technique that linked the websites of other sellers who were not interested in directly marketing their books to Amazon. . Despite this, it was not until 2014 when this term became popular and jobs were developed around this new marketing technique.

What’s affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy based on obtaining results. In it, an online store or advertiser promotes its products or services through advertisements on the websites or blogs of its affiliates through an affiliate program.

In this way, the advertising company is able to expand its presence and reach a much broader audience than it could only reach with its website.

In most cases, affiliate marketing is made up of these 4 main agents:

  • Advertiser: the brand that wants to publicize the goods or services it offers.
  • Affiliate or publisher: website or blog that is responsible for promoting the advertiser’s services.
  • Affiliate program: is a network through which advertisers and affiliates come together. The latter offer an advertising space in exchange for a commission established by the advertising company.
  • Final consumer: person who makes the purchase of the service. Always on the advertiser’s page, previously going through a link or banner that the affiliate has on their website.
    Affiliate marketing is based on a pay-per-action (CPA) model, whereby the advertiser pays his affiliates for the results obtained and not for campaigns or ad impressions.

How does an affiliate program work?

Now that you are clear about what affiliate marketing is, do you want to know how an affiliate program technically works?

Affiliate marketing uses cookies in order to correctly track the information from the banners and links located on the affiliate website. In this way, an affiliate program is able to know when a user has seen or clicked on a certain ad and stores all the information related to the visitor’s browser.

In this way, every time a user clicks on a link or banner of an affiliate and makes a purchase on the advertiser’s website, cookies are able to track all this information so that the Affiliate program can identify the actions that are carried out and assign the commission that corresponds to the affiliate.

Where join affiliate programs?

If you are determined to embark on the journey of affiliate marketing, it is time to consider what platforms you can use to earn passive affiliate income. There are miles of options, but I am going to present you the some affiliate site that I like the most. Since they are the platforms where I think it is easier to get income.

1. Amazon Affiliates

Surely you know Amazon, the online store where you can find any type of product at the best price on the market. But perhaps you had not thought that you can generate income by recommending the products that are sold in the online shopping giant.

The variety of products is very wide and there is room for any category. An advantage of the Amazon platform is that you can earn money, although the product is not understood, as long as the user arrives for the first time through your link. Of course, the purchases made by your promotional link must be included within 24 hours from when the website was accessed, otherwise there would be no income even if the purchase was made at later times.

2. eBay partners

Surely you also know eBay, with years and years dedicated to the sale and purchase of products of the most heterogeneous. The advantage is that almost everything has a place, you can have any type of niche, opening the range of affiliate marketing a lot. Very similar to the case of Amazon, this platform has a time limitation, which only affects auctions. If it generates more than 10 days in conclusion, it will not generate income.

3. ClickBank

This is another seller with a great diversity of product. It is difficult not to find a product that suits your niche, so it is a good option for anyone starting in the affiliation business.

4. Siteground

If you work in the world of web development and digital marketing in general, surely you know this web hosting company. Well, I don’t know if you know what one of the most lucrative affiliate programs has. You can get passive income by recommending their web hosting service. They are very good at what they do and have the most effective support. So it is a guarantee to get sales and earn money with affiliation.

5. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is another of the great web hosting companies that can make money with affiliation. It has a team that provides customer service as well as very low prices. Bluehost is backed by WordPress which makes it reliable.

6. Leadpage Partner Program

It is a platform that gives its users the opportunity to create landing pages (landing pages) with which they can achieve their objectives online. Come on, what it is to create a sales page for advertising campaigns. With this affiliate program, you can get a not inconsiderable 30% of recurring passive income for each sale of this service.

7. Studiopress Affiliate Website

This company creates templates and all kinds of WordPress tools that are very easy to use. How in the case of Leadpage we have recurring passive income from the sales of these products through your referral link.

Affiliate Marketing: Win-Win Model?

We often hear of affiliate marketing where both parties win: both the advertiser and the affiliate.

The advertiser is able to expand their brand, reach many more people and increase their sales. In addition, it only pays per action performed (registrations, sales, subscription …). For its part, the affiliate is responsible for promoting the products of its advertiser and, in return, receives commissions each time a user performs a certain action on its website.

But are they all advantages? Is it always a strategy that can benefit both the advertiser and the affiliate? Let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing.
Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing for affiliates:

Both from the point of view of affiliates, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should take into account when joining a program with these characteristics.

Advantages for affiliates

If you are an affiliate you don’t have to have a product inventory, offer support or an after-sales service. You only take care of the promotion of the advertiser’s products. Minimal risk. By not having to invest in stock, the risk when implementing such a strategy is very small.
You can join various affiliate programs or different advertisers. Analyze which programs offer the best commissions or what products you think you can get a higher conversion when recommending them and join them. If at any time the conditions change, you can unsubscribe and consider other options.

Disadvantages for affiliates

It is about recommending a product, so if you do not want to lose the trust of your customers, you need to take care of your strategy and analyze the pros and cons of the services you are going to advertise. It is important that your recommendations are credible and real if you want to earn conversions.
If you have a blog, you need to create specialized content when making recommendations for products or services. If you want to achieve good results, it is not enough to include only a banner or an advertisement on your website.
Commissions are only a small part of the price of the product you recommend.

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, how an affiliate program works and the advantages of this branch of online marketing, do you want to Start A WordPress Blog And Make Money ? ( Follow Complete Guide step by step)….

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