Top 05 SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank No 01 in Google Search

Top 05 SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank No 01 in Google Search: Today I bring you the best 05 WordPress SEO plugins that you will need to make your project work perfectly this year. Making the most of the design and configuration of a website is achieved by choosing a series of essential seo plugins so that the CMS is perfect. WordPress can boast of its plugins and that is that with them you can do everything, that’s why I bring you 05 essential seo plugins so you can choose between them what you like and need for your website.

Top 05 SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank No 01 in Google Search:

1. Yoast Plugins:

yoast seo 2019

Yoast is among the best WordPress plugins today without a doubt, it is an essential plugin for Seo. Rare is who does not have this plugin installed or other similar SEO plugins.
Yoast Seo is a perfect wordpress plugin to familiarize yourself with Seo techniques when you start. Although it consumes some resources, the benefits it gives are fantastic and makes things much easier if configured correctly.

Mainly this plugin realizes a real-time Seo study of each entry that you are writing. Its function is to correct everything that is missing from the post to be correctly optimized: keywords, title, meta description, paragraph length.

2. All in One SEO Pack:

All in One SEO Pack 2019

All in one seo pack wordpress. This plugin is another of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Its features and functionalities are very similar to those of Yoast SEO. There is no one better than another, so try both and leave only the one that is most practical for you.

All One SEO Pack has some advantage in terms of very advanced settings and resource consumption (slightly lower), but it is not so easy to handle if you are new to SEO. You choose the one you choose, it will be a good choice.

3. WP Smush:

Smush Image Optimization, Compression, and Lazy Load 2019
wp smush optimize images. This is another SEO plugin for WordPress that can make your website improve significantly if you have the images not optimized. A couple of weeks ago a client asked me to help him improve the SEO of his WordPress website. I told him to send me the link to keep an eye on him and what was my surprise to see that it took me almost 15 seconds to load. The first thing I did was go to GTmetrix and enter the url in the analyzer. And you know what I found? Gigantic images whose size ranged from 3 to 6 mb. What did I do? Among other things, I installed the WP Smush plugin and started dieting all the images and icons I had.
However, you have to keep in mind that the plugin has a limit and cannot optimize the images 100% the same as the compression system of a good hosting would. This type of premium hosting has software that automatically compresses all the images on your website so that your page flies.

4. W3 Total Cache:

W3 Total Cache 2019
w3 cache WordPress. When someone loads your website, your browser makes a series of requests to the server that it has to return in order for the browser to gradually mount the web. However, there is an alternative to cache information to return it faster.

But .. What is cache memory? It is a type of memory that stores information that can be reused and then served much faster. In this way, not all scripts are executed over and over again, consuming resources and increasing the time.

5. Pixel Your Site:

PixelYourSite – Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Head Footer (WooCommerce, EDD, Events) 2019

This plugin is essential to integrate WordPress with our Google Analytics account. A very important SEO key is the analysis of everything that happens when users enter our website.
Google Analytics allows us to see the bounce rate (crucial in SEO positioning), user duration on a given page, interest and behavior. I would not stop talking about the great benefits it provides to position you in the first places but Pixel You Site allows you to integrate it in a couple of clicks.
(Top 05 SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank No 01 in Google Search)

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