The 15+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Revised and Compared)

The 15+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Revised and Compared): Everyone has built his new WordPress site as a work of art. Everything is in place: the logo, the About us page, a small e-commerce store, a personalized menu and blog. It’s time to pull the trigger, right? Wait a minute. Are you forgetting one of the most basic parts of a website? What it is: The contact form.

Some developers know how to add it immediately, because it is amazing how easy it is to forget about this form of communication. And it would be a shame to skip the contact form, as many customers are faced with the idea of ​​calling their customer service line, while others have no intention of sitting in a live chat module. Here, Customers can send a quick email without spending too much time and the website with the contact form field can send the message in a timely manner. In addition, contact forms prevent spam and allow you to expand the way you interact with your customers (with conditional logic, the form is updated depending on how the user responds).

These WordPress contact form plugins have several forms(The 15+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins), so it would be wise to see the comparison which one is best for you. After all, some websites require an expensive and powerful WordPress contact form, while others just need the basics.

Features of WordPress Contact Form Plugin in 2020

Basically, the WordPress contact form offers a handful of fields and minimal design tools. Your goal is to keep customers in touch with you. On the other hand, the most advanced contact form plugins support conditional logic, design tools and file submission options. This is not a complete list, but there are some features:

  • Custom forms – with multiple fields, options and branding tools.
  • Visual builders – Drag and drop editors are great, but not only necessary.
  • Conditional logic – Show or hide certain elements (such as buttons, fields or form sections) based on what the user selects on the form. This also helps to send customers to different departments.
  • Communications (Communications) – is a type of email communication system that allows people to find out about the arrival of a new message.
  • Sending the final interface file (Frontend file submission) – allows customers to upload ideas in the form of a document. This is also ideal for customer service, where the user takes a screenshot of their problem and sends it.
  • Responsiveness (Responsiveness) – You want the form to appear on all devices, large and small.
  • Spam protection – The forms are made to prevent spam in the first place. But you should expect even more protection from your WordPress contact form plugin.

The 15+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Revised and Compared):

If you are in a hurry, see below this quick list of WordPress contact forms. To further examine more deeply and compare details about prices, and the main features of each plugin, continue beyond this short list. Note: These plugins do not show any particular order.

1. Gravity Forms – From $ 59 per year

Gravity Forms combines a clean interface with easy-to-use tools that are advanced to improve customer service websites. Forms, entries and conditional logic is unlimited through Gravity Forms, and also supports things like file uploads and multi-page forms.
Gravity Forms WordPress plugin

gravity form plugins 2020

Standard Gravity Forms support includes a complete ticket system, a FAQ page, documentation, language translations, and many other resources. Priority support is only available if you choose the most expensive plan ($ 259 per year), which sends you to the front of the line.

There is no live chat or telephone support, but as you will see with most contact form plugins, these are not really necessary.
Features that make Gravity Forms a great choice:

  • The abundant documentation includes an introduction guide, information on add-ons, popular features and docs for developers.
    Gravity Forms supports a wide range of add-ons and external integrations. You can find dozens of them listed here, including, Dropbox, AWeber Freshbooks, GetResponse, MailChimp, PayPal Pro, and Stripe.
    The price is excellent for all the features you get.
    You can access more than 30 form fields.
    Conditional logic is integrated.
    Gravity Forms supports email notifications, file submission, and the option to save and continue.
    Perform advanced calculations based on user submissions. (Could be used for a finance or real estate website).
    You have the option to limit the number of shipments through a form. You can also schedule forms.
    Gravity Forms allows user frontend content submissions, which you could post on your WordPress blog.

2. Ninja Forms – Free (Memberships start at $ 99 per year)

Ninja Forms has a free version in the WordPress library, but we understand that most legitimate companies will examine a premium version membership. The free contact form plugin provides a beautiful user interface to create your own contact forms. There is no limitation for forms, fields or emails received, and you can save the forms for later.

Most of the fields and features of the free version are quite basic, but it’s easy to set up your forms and make them look good on your website. This plugin lives up to the Contact Form 7 plugin (what we’ll talk about next).
Ninja Forms WordPress pluginmy form plugins 2020

When you sign up for a membership you can access dozens of add-ons, customer service, technical support, updates, multi-part forms, conditional logic, and much more. In addition, Ninja Forms does a good job of keeping costs down when you decide to buy a package or membership instead of one or two add-ons.
Features That Make Ninja Forms a Great Choice:

  • Ninja Forms has more than 40 add-ons, including one for conditional logic, multi-part forms, front-end publishing, file uploads, designs and styles.
    You can connect your forms to services such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber.
    Collect payments directly through your forms with the help of PayPal Express or one of the many other payment processors.
    Connect with Zapier to eliminate most limitations in terms of integration and automation.
    Get hooked on your favorite CRM, like Salesforce.
    The price is not bad.

3. HappyForms – Free

HappyForms is one of the new contact form plugins and we really like that it was integrated into the WordPress Customizer. This means that you do not need to learn a new interface is something you may already be familiar with. It is developed and maintained by The Theme Foundry that knows WordPress very well since they have been designing themes for years.
HappyForms pluginhappy forms 2020

Happy Forms is super lightweight in terms of code and performance. It is 100% free and works very well for those looking for something fast and easy.
Features that make HappyForms a great choice:

  • It’s free!
    Use a drag and drop constructor that you probably already know.
    Messages are copied to WordPress admin along with a notification. If you prefer you can send everything to your email.
    It includes a one-click honeypot and spam prevention for Google ReCaptcha.
    You can drop forms anywhere on pages, posts and even widgets with short code.
  • Note: A “powered by HappyForms” logo is displayed at the bottom of the form. It is likely that some businesses prefer not to have it.

4. Contact Form 7 – Free

Contact Form 7 is not only immensely popular, but it has been free since I remember it. This minimalist jewel offers what most blogs and small businesses need: a basic contact form that is stable and reliable. First, you might think that the best part of Contact Form 7 is that it is completely free (not Premium plans), but there is more to this plugin than that.

In fact, one could argue that support is the best part, since this free plugin includes documentation, frequently asked questions (FAQ), a support forum, and a complete website with information. That’s more than you get with some premium plugins.
Contact Form 7 WordPress plugincontact forms plugins 2020

As for the functions, you can create an unlimited number of forms, use various types of date, URL, email and text fields, while also including the email address of your choice to receive messages from customers.
Features that make Contact Form 7 a great choice:

  • It will not cost you anything.
    Contact Form 7 looks as elegant and minimalist as you might want.
    It has support for several unique fields such as CAPTCHA, file submission, questionnaires, acceptance, radio buttons, check boxes and drop-down menus.
    Documentation links, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and support are placed directly in the WordPress Control Panel.
    You can place the contact form anywhere you want to use the short codes.

5. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

The HubSpot WordPress plugin is more than its traditional form creator. This plugin allows you to connect HubSpot CRM with WordPress so you can easily organize and segment your contacts into lists.
HubSpot All-In-One Marketing WordPress pluginhubspot plugins 2020

With HubSpot, you get a lead generation control panel, lead capture tools such as pop-up windows, slides and exit intention forms, a static form generator, a contact database and lead perspectives for the first seven days of website activity after lead capture. All these functions work immediately, without the need of a developer’s help.
Features that make HubSpot All-In-One Marketing a great choice:

  • It’s free!
    Intuitive drag and drop interface
    Unlimited fields and shipments
    Compatible with other plugins such as Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms
    Built-in analytics to analyze your best pages.
    It integrates seamlessly with a CRM to manage your contact database
    Live chat and bots

6. weForms – Free (Premium from $ 39 per year)

weForms is a new contact form plugin in the market. It is created by the team of weDevs, who are well known for their other plugins such as WP Project Manager Pro, WP User Frontend Pro, and WP ERP. The free version surprisingly includes a few features, including being able to view contact form data presented in the WordPress administrator.
weForms WordPress pluginwe forms plugins 2020

Features that make weForms a great choice:

  • The $ 39 a year is a price similar to other premium contact form plugins.
    It allows integrations with MailChimp, AWeber, MailPoet, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Get Response, and Convert Kit (some only in premium versions).
    weForms also has other useful integrations with Trello Zapier, Google Sheets, and Slack
    Easily embed your contact form with an access code.
    Google’s reCaptcha is incorporated to prevent spam.
    It has a beautiful drag and drop AJAX constructor with instant live preview. Your builder is probably one of the fastest!
    It supports multi-step forms that have been shown to increase conversions.
    Redirect your forms to a URL.

7. WPForms – Free (Premium from $ 39 per year)

WPForms is known as one of the friendliest contact form solutions for beginners in the market. This is equally true to your drag and drop editor. The free version is fine for small websites, but I prefer premium membership because of its low prices and excellent features.

That said, the drag-and-drop visual editor has anticipated its time, since nothing seems to ever fail, and the average user is not going to be too confused. Customers also get form templates, conditional logic, and access management tools.
WPForms WordPress pluginwpforms plugins 2020

Features that make WPForms a great choice:

  • The initial rate of $ 39 per year is reasonable.
    You can integrate forms with MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber.
    WPForms also has an integration with Zapier.
    Embed your forms anywhere.
    Use the partial entry form tool to find more potential customers.
    Use geolocation data to learn more about your users.
    Divide long forms into several pages.
    All forms are completely receptive.
    Forms can use conditional logic based on how users respond.
    Management management allows you to view all presentations in a single area.
    WPForms allows users to send frontend files.

8. Caldera Forms – Free (From $ 14.99 per month)

Caldera Forms is another favorite for those looking for a free contact form. As of August 1, 2019, this is now developed by Saturday Drive, the same team that works in the Ninja Forms. The premium plugin is not cheap, so I would personally try my best to see if the free option would work for my business. The free version of Caldera includes a simple drag-and-drop editor, along with many add-ons for both beginner and advanced web developers.
Caldera Forms WordPress plugincaldera forms plugins 2020

The idea is to make things as easy as possible, and most of this work is done through the editor. Several types of large field come with Caldera, and you can play with conditional logic to show specific options based on your customers how to respond to your forms.
Features that make Caldera Forms a great choice:

  • There is a powerful free version.
    Some of the field types include calculations, the menu options are drop-down and have radio buttons.
    Users can upload their own files to the form.
    Users can send their own messages through a form.
    There is an unlimited number of auto-responders, fields and presentations.
    Entries can be exported to a CSV file.
    The anti-spam tool saves time since otherwise you would have to spend time cleaning spam.
    All Caldera forms are flexible.

9. The Jetpack Contact Form – Free

If you could only select a plugin to install it on your WordPress website, Jetpack would probably be at the top of the list. The reason is because it includes everything from anti-spam to cache support, and social media tools for the Jetpack Contact Form. If you have already implemented Jetpack, it would be worth examining the contact form element.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Add contact form button is located at the top of each page and publication creation area. This makes it easier to insert a form where you want.
Jetpack WordPress pluginjetpack contact form plugins 2020

By selecting the contact form button and in the design of your form, you end up with a professional and functional contact form without being spectacular.
By selecting the contact form button and in the design of your form, you end up with a professional and functional contact form without being spectacular.

Jetpack contact form
Features that make The Jetpack Contact Form a great choice:

  • Jetpack is free and many WordPress users already have it installed on their websites. Not to mention, Jetpack is one of those plugins that will not give problems in terms of site speed or plugin conflicts.
    The “Insert form” button with simple one-click access speeds up the process.
    Email notifications are sent to the email address of your choice.
    Adjust all form values ​​right in your publication or page editor. This includes the Subject field, form fields, email address and more.
    The Jetpack plugin is integrated with Akismet to erase the spam of each submitted form.
    It is one of the most basic contact forms that will not give problems. In short, we like it better for small businesses and blogs that just need a simpler form.

10. Contact Form & SMTP Plugin for WordPress by PirateForms – Gratutio (Premium from $ 29)

Because the default name of the plugin is too long, let’s call it PirateForms. The Pro version is sold through ThemeIsle if you are interested in upgrading to some of the following features:

  • Creation of multiple forms
    A full MailChimp integration
    Custom fields
    Development support
    Customer support and updates for 12 months
    30 day money back guarantee

Being a free plugin, it is a simple but easy to use contact form generator with CAPTCHA support. Contact forms are built using a basic generator, then place the finished form on your website using an access code. In general, the free version PirateForms resembles Contact Form 7, but perhaps with a better interface.pirate forms plugins 2020

If you are interested in updating, the price starts at $ 29.
Features that make Contact Form & SMTP Plugin for WordPress by PirateForms a great choice:

  • The initial rate of $ 29 (at one time) for the premium version cannot be exceeded.
    There is also a free plugin for the functionality of the basic contact form, as well as that of Contact Form 7.
    The PirateForms plugin can be integrated with MailChimp.
    It is a friendly plugin with developers to customize it as you want.
    PirateForms allows multiple shapes and custom fields. The Pro version has some interesting integrations like AWeber and SendInBlue.

11. FormCraft – $ 39

FormCraft has no free or lite version to play with before buying. However, it is a powerful contact form plugin for WordPress with more beautiful designs that you can get in any of the plugins that have been discussed so far. The WordPress contact form plugin includes templates with great designs, along with dozens of add-ons to expand the way you work with your forms.
FormCraft WordPress pluginformcraft plugins 2020

Most importantly, this premium contact form plugin for WordPress includes special features such as pop-up forms and integrated math formulas. You can collect payments through PayPal or Stripe, and Zapier integration is sure to automate some of your processes.

In general, you are getting more creative customizable templates, and designs with the FormCraft plugin. It doesn’t cost you a fortune, and the add-ons provide features that might be missing in a regular plugin.
Features that make FormCraft a great choice:

  • The $ 39 fee is only one payment at a time.
    The drag and drop builder is one of the most powerful in this list.
    The designs are also incredible.
    Numerous templates included in it. Some of the add-ons include Mailster, MailChimp, MailPoet, reCAPTCHA and Campaign Monitor.
    Some of the premium add-ons include multi-page forms, Stripe, standard PayPal and WordPress Multisite support.
    FormCraft is one of the best plugins available to be creative with the designs and establish more than one brand through its contact form.

12. QuForm – $ 29

Many of the WordPress contact form plugins on this list are made exclusively for contact purposes. QuForm is a bit different, since it is made to build any type of form, especially those with highly advanced features and fields.
Quform WordPress pluginqeforms plugins 2020

The drag-and-drop editor is worth its price, but you will also get tons of options, 19 types of items, and a simple theming system. I would even say that this drag-and-drop editor is not as good as others we’ve seen, but it’s still intuitive. These are mobile web accessible forms and have an extremely adaptable style. That’s why we like its price.

It offers all companies the opportunity to see how the design works, all without exceeding the budget.
Features that make QuForm a great choice:

  • The QuForm plugin is optimized for performance so it doesn’t slow down your site.
    You do not have to spend too much money. In fact, the plugin only requires a one-time payment.
    The QuForm plugin has nine validators and six filters.
    The improved file upload tool is great for customer support and working with clients.
    Use the conditions to automatically see certain items when a specific response is made through your form. The reCAPTCHA protects you from spam.
    The WordPress contact form plugin includes 19 types of elements.
    Several form topics are included in the plugin.

13. Ninja Kick – $ 19

I would like to compare the Ninja Kick plugin with the FormCraft plugin we talked about earlier. Both have solid designs, expand beyond the traditional “flat” formats and give an extra flavor. You will also notice that a contact form can be placed in a different area, such as on a slide from the left side of the screen.

Ninja Kick offers rich customization and flexibility in configuration. For example, you can easily configure animations, label styles, color schemes and much more. Three themes are packaged with the Ninja Kick plugin. This is not as much as what we have seen in the case of other plugins, but the themes look fantastic.
Ninja Kick WordPress pluginninja kick plugins 2020

As for the whole interface, Ninja Kick is quite basic and easy to understand. It does not seem to conflict with other plugins or themes, and it is an extremely light contact form plugin to choose from.
Features that make Ninja Kick a great choice:

  • Templates and designs in general are much more exclusive than in other plugins.
    The $ 19 one-time price covers a year of support. You can opt for a small additional payment if you need more support.
    Customization options look powerful.
    Choose animations and slide-in to grab customer attention and get people to contact you.
    The Ninja Kick plugin can really be integrated with Contact Form 7. This brings together several features for greater customization of the experience. Basically, it allows you to style the Contact Form 7 access codes in a more advanced way.
    All forms that are created are sensitive for viewing on mobile devices.
    The plugin supports the localization of several languages ​​such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
    A human test tool is included to prevent a large amount of spam from going through your WordPress contact form.
    You can use the trial mode to develop your WordPress contact forms without the public seeing it.

14. Formidable Forms – Free (Premium from $ 49 per year)

Formidable Forms is another great option if you are looking for a free or premium option for a contact form plugin. When writing this, it has a little more than 200,000 active installations with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Easily create contact forms, surveys and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms and any other way you imagine.
Formidable Forms contact form pluginformidable forms plugins 2020

Formidable Forms formidable contact plugin
Do you need forms compatible with GDPR? No problem. Disable IP tracking or settings to save your form submissions, or add a checkbox field to your form to collect consent. The free version of the plugin actually has a lot of functionality compared to other contact form plugins. But they also allow you to add more features with your premium version or add-ons.
Features that make Formidable Forms a great choice:

  • Great performance options It allows you to choose in the configuration if you want your scripts and styles to load on all pages or only on the corresponding pages where your form is located.
    It has an easy integration with reCAPTCHA to avoid spam.
    It allows you to see the contact form entries in your WordPress panel (in the free version).
    It has an impressive style editor in which you can modify the CSS of your form (error colors, successful presentation colors, etc.)
    It has more than 17 premium add-ons to easily integrate with MailChimp, Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce, Zapier, AWeber, etc.

15. ARForms – from $ 37 (Lifetime Updates)

ARForms is one of the most mature solutions in a leaderboard of WordPress contact form creators. It has been around for five years serving thousands of WordPress users and generating positive comments.
ARForms WordPress pluginarforms plugins 2020

The most prominent features that make this player more advanced are a very intuitive real-time drag and drop form creator that gives you personalization control over each field, more than 28 fields (including multiple file uploads, check boxes and radio buttons, password etc.), a set of luxury style tools and a whole series of other gears to create brand forms.

Another great feature aimed at eliminating design limitations is that there are more than 40 professional contact form templates ready to be used. Any of those modern templates for a variety of niches can be downloaded for free within a premium version.

Interested in a truly high-touch plugin presentation? You can register a free trial account and review all the options thoroughly in the backend before buying it.

On top of that, ARForms will give most price conscious people the best possible investment, since the premium version includes almost all the features on demand at an affordable price.
Features that make ARForms a great choice:

  • The plugin is deeply optimized for better performance, allowing you to host lightweight forms without swelling.
    Easy to handle mathematical calculation and conditional logic functions are integrated into the base plugin.
    You can run the live preview of the forms on mobile devices and tablets without leaving the editing area.
    Management of practical input and analysis of intuitive ways.
    You can divide long forms into several steps to provide a better UX for users.
    SMTP compatibility ready to use.
    Easily build multi-column response forms with variable size fields.
    The free reCaptcha antispam extension is included for free.
    Emerging functionality incorporated with smart triggers for marketing needs.
    Adapting to the new era of the WordPress edition, the plugin comes with Gutenberg support (although it still works perfectly with other popular players like WPBakery and Cornerstone).
    Built-in integration with popular email marketing automation tools: in general, 10 popular systems, including Mailchimp, Aweber, Active Campaign and others.
    Dozens of paid add-ons for advanced needs, such as PDF Creator, PayPal gateway, Zapier, SMS notifications and much more.

16. Flo Forms – Starting at $ 37 (Lifetime Updates)

Flo Forms is an easy-to-use drag and drop form generator for WordPress. Created by the people of Flothemes, one of the leading providers of premium WordPress themes for creatives since 2013.
Flo Forms WordPress pluginflo forms plugins 2020

It is easy to configure, customize and includes a multitude of advanced features: conditional logic, email reminders, flexible design options and much more. Flo Forms is free to use and includes virtually everything you need to create attractive forms with advanced options.

You can implement a form on your site in minutes, since coding skills are not required. It allows you to collect the information you need from your visitors and convert them into customers.
Features that make Flo Forms a great choice:

  • 100% responsive, forms look great on mobile devices and in
    Store all your queries directly on your site.
    Email reminders when an email is lost
    Ready for GDPR, add a check box and link to your privacy policy.
    Conditional logic, allows you to create dynamic forms
    Custom success message or redirection to a new page.
    Send a shipping confirmation email to the user.
    View, edit, download user information stored directly on your server.
    Flexible designs, create unique designs with 1 and 2 columns.
    Compatible with multilingual websites
    Add option buttons, drop-down menus, date, phone and email fields

17. Simple Basic Contact Form – Free

Simple Basic Contact Form is an excellent free plugin designed for those who need something that is fast and easy to configure, functional and incredibly lightweight. It has been developed and maintained by the amazing WPKube team.
Simple Basic Contact Form WordPress plugin

simple basic contact forms 2020

Created with the WP API, the Simple Basic Contact Form plugin offers better security and performance that surpasses most other contact form plugins. Since it works without JavaScript, it loads much faster and fulfills its function perfectly blocking spam and sending plain text messages.
Features that make Simple Basic Contact Form a great choice:

  • It can appear anywhere on your website using short codes.
    Optimized with clean code for faster loading and better performance.
    Prevents spam with captcha questions.
    Send explanatory text message messages.
    Easy to install and customize.
    Completely free to use forever!

18. Kali Forms – $ 39

Kali Forms is a WordPress plugin that combines a clean user interface with a series of powerful features that are really easy to use and adjust for anyone who wants to create a simple contact form.
Kali Forms plugin

kaliforms plugins 2020

Kali forms already include a lot of what you should expect from other contact form plugins, including conditional logic, multi-page forms and file upload. In addition, the plugin is extremely fast since it is built with React.
Features that make Kali Forms a great choice:

  • It supports a wide range of form fields and makes the creation of complex and multi-step forms that use conditional logic extremely easy.
    Pre-designed templates that are ready to import with just one click.
    The functionality of Kali Forms Conditional Logic is integrated directly into the plugin and does not require the installation of an additional extension. This makes creating advanced forms easy, but the options are conveniently placed and do not get in the way of creating a normal form when you do not need it.
    It supports forms that activate multiple email notifications, file uploads and the ability to immediately generate an output based on the data that the user enters.

Choose a WordPress Contact Form Plugin

  • When you don’t want to pay – choose Happy Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Jetpack Contact Form, Flo Forms or Formidable.
    If you like beautiful contact form templates – choose Ninja Kick, FormCraft, weForms, Gravity Forms or Formidable.
    If you are interested in an amazing drag-and-drop editor – choose WPForms or weForms or ARForms.
    When you’re looking for the best price – choose Gravity Forms, FormCraft, Ninja Kick, PirateForms.
    If you’re using HubSpot CRM – go with HubSpot All-In-One Marketing, it’s a perfect way to make WordPress work with HubSpot
    If you need the most basic WordPress contact form plugin – Choose Happy Forms, Contact Form 7 or Simple Basic Contact Form.

The contact form is not only a way to keep in touch with your customers, but it also demonstrates that it is a legitimate business. You are open to communication with users, and that may be all that is needed to obtain a sale or a new reader. If you have any thoughts about these WordPress contact form plugins(The 15+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Revised and Compared)), let us know in the comments section below.

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