05+ Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020

05+ Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020: Since the beginning of the Internet we have been able to enjoy one of its first contributions to communication: email. At first it was only used by large companies, but now there are multiple ways to send emails. One of those ways is the massive sending of emails.

Surely you are thinking that it is an obsolete strategy, but before you start to believe that social networks are enough to promote your brand, you should know that email marketing is one of the strategies with the highest level of return on investment, even now. If you want to know why this type of strategy continues to work, read on

Why is email marketing important?

It is one of those digital strategies that never die, despite the fact that more modern and totally innovative techniques will always appear on the Internet. Shipping campaigns will always adapt to new trends and demands of the market or users. Currently, about 2.8 billion people in the world use email.

Of course, people are not just looking for good offers or discounts, they also expect a more personalized treatment. This is something that email marketing can offer you, especially since every day there are more advanced tools that will help you schedule shipments with personalized content and closer and closer.

On the other hand, those same email marketing tools will help you to know the preferences of users, something that will help you create more successful and effective shipments.

05+ Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020


Mailchimp - marketing-2020

Surely, most of the promotional emails you receive have been managed with Mailchimp. This is because it is the most popular shipping tool. When using it you will see that it has an integrated email editor very easy to use; you just have to drag and drop all the elements you want for your design. Depending on the plan you hire, you may also have access to other advanced features, but the most interesting aspects of this platform are the following:

  • It allows you to include subscriber profiles with very complete information, not just their email address.
  • You can create segmentation labels for more specific shipments.
  • It allows you to download a very detailed analysis of the results of your campaigns.
  • You can also store all interactions with your subscribers.
  • You can integrate the platform with Google Analytics to evaluate your traffic.
    It has a capacity of up to 2,000 contacts in its free version and up to 600,000 in its premium version.


sendinblueemail marketing tools 2020

With Sendinblue you can only send mass emails, you can also carry out fully optimized SMS campaigns. It is a good choice for all those companies that want to increase their online sales. It also has a very good reputation, as it follows the European Union’s data protection regulations, the RGPD, to the letter.

It also has an editor to drag and drop, although if you like to work your emails with HTML you can do it with comfort. It also has a lot of instruments and features that can vary depending on the purpose of your shipments. Some of its most important characteristics are the following:

  • Creation of completely personalized forms adapted to the colors, fonts and logos of your brand.
  • The forms include a captcha confirmation for added security.
  • They offer marketing automation, so you have prepared welcome emails, notifications, congratulations and other routine emails.
  • They have a great gallery of templates so you can complete your design in just a few minutes.
  • In sending SMS you can include emojis, links and other resources to get the user’s attention.


convertkit-email marketing tools 2020

ConvertKit prides itself on being software devised by and for creators. This email marketing service offers a simple user interface and has only the most important features for email marketing.

  • Gather your subscribers list by creating forms and landing pages. You can choose templates from the gallery or simply create one by dragging and dropping items onto the form.
  • Easily display the form in three different formats: online, modular, or sliding.
  • Then, start sending incentive emails and add calls to action for new subscribers. Welcome email sequences will help you interact with your contacts, and calls-to-action with classified links every time you click on certain links. You can send relevant email series to follow up.
  • ConvertKit’s visual automation feature will help you preview the email series before sending it. In this tool you can configure the workflow based on events, actions and conditions.
  • For documents cleaning the email contact list of subscribers who are not engaged, you have a scenario to send reclosing emails and filters inactive clients.
  • With this email marketing service, you can test which campaign ideas work best and take A / B tests.
  • ConvertKit has a simple reporting function, to help understand trends and your contacts. You can generate reports of your automation, the level of email commitment and the loss of subscribers.
  • To carry out your email marketing campaign to the next level, integrated with over 70 online tools / services.
  • ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial. After that, the price starts at $ 29 / mo. You can also calculate the price of a custom plan.

4.Active Campaign

active campaign- email marketing tools 2020

On the other hand, if you are looking for the perfect tool to design an automated email strategy, Active Campaign may be your best option. This tool is integrated with a campaign creation and delivery platform, in conjunction with a CRM system.

Both functionalities feed each other to create increasingly intelligent personalized shipments. The tool learns from each interaction with customers to take into account relevant information, such as their tastes and preferences. Other things you need to know about this powerful instrument are:

  • With this tool you can create fewer campaigns and attract more users, so you will use a minimum of effort to have more sales.
  • It is designed for SMEs, so if you have few subscribers, they adapt to your needs.
  • It is one of the most profitable options on the market.
  • They have a very innovative anti-spam strategy.
  • It has constant updates, especially in the automation part.
  • Automatic shipping templates are completely free.
  • It can be integrated with other digital platforms.


getresponse-email marketing tools

GetResponse, one of the most used email marketing tools, which claims to have a 99% delivery capacity and offers an all-in-one marketing machine. This software offers a free 30-day trial. The service has a drag and drop template editor, to help you design and customize newsletters, landing pages, and various marketing elements. GetResponse provides over 500 predesigned and custom templates. In addition, it has a gallery of 5,000 licensed images from Shutterstock.

For bloggers, there are also 30 predesigned RSS to email templates, which will make sharing your blog posts much easier.

With this email marketing service, you can send a series of emails with automation and autoresponders daily or weekly. Using the so-called “perfect time”, you can ensure the optimal delivery time to the local time of the contacts.

  • You can collect detailed information through the subscription process and assign labels to each of your contacts. Send personalized and relevant messages according to your preferences.
  • Assign a score to your contacts according to your criteria. With scoring, track and rate customers for information on their activities.
  • GetResponse is the first email marketing tool that provides marketing solutions for webinars. You can easily schedule the webinar, enable logs, and start collecting new contacts. Don’t worry about security: SSL encryption will ensure that your conference is secure.
  • Engage your attendees with the use of a chat, polls, screen sharing and whiteboards, to encourage discussions and active comments. You can even embed YouTube videos in the webinar.
  • If you want to save and share the webinar, simply record the session and save it to free online storage.
  • You will also get Customer Relationship Management (CRM) when you use this software. CRM will help you better understand the relationship and interactions between you and your customers.
  • With this email marketing service, you can integrate CRM with email automation and send more targeted messages with a series of emails.
  • There are also intuitive email analytics to view campaign reports and discover your contacts’ activities and patterns.
  • If you want to learn more about email marketing strategy, you have a wealth of resources on their website, including free online courses, white papers, and more.
  • GetResponse’s premium plan starts at $ 15 / mo and reaches $ 1,199 / mo with the business plan.

6.Benchmark Email

banchmark-email marketing -2020

Finally, Benchmark is one of the most basic tools. With it you can learn to make your first campaigns or to perfect them. Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use, that is why they have had a lot of acceptance among their clients, which may well be SMEs or large companies, since they allow subscribers and shipments from the smallest dimensions to the most exaggerated. Its most important benefits are:

  • You will perform fully efficient A / B tests.
  • You have a mailbox verifier available.
  • Sales funnels with great graphics.
  • Very good analytics.


Now a days email marketing is essential for any professional or business. You can start with our list of post (05+ Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020). The first thing you have to do is attract subscribers interested in your services to send them information. There are free and easy-to-use email marketing tools.

Your Email marketing will allow to create an audience or network of potential customers with above list (05+ Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020). Thank you…

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