Guide Contact Form 7: Create Contact Forms With WordPress Plugins Easily.

How to Setup Contact Form 7 on your WordPress website: Today we have prepared the contact form 7 guide, if you do not know this plugins, the function of the plugin is to create contact forms in our wordpress, since by default wordpress does not bring contact forms, we will also teach you to use the contact form autoresponder which is nothing more than sending an automatic message to the user once you fill out a form.

Contact Form Guide 7 Or How to Configure Contact Form 7 Plugin:

Once this first plugin is created and inserted, we need to configure some important aspects such as, to which email we should receive comments from our users or what content and format we will receive by email. These are the steps or the parts that we will perform in the guide:

Install the Contact Form 7 Plugin:

The first step is obviously to insta ll the plugin, this is very simple, it is installed like any other plugin you go to wp-admin -> plugins -> Add new

and in the search engine you write “contact form 7” and the first result will be the one that we will install .

Once installed and activated, we will go through the second part of the contact form 7 guide.

Creating the Form:

When activating the plugin you will see how a new option appears in the left side menu called “contact”, you enter there and you will see a contact form already created, in this case we will create a new one so that you understand how to do it step by step, so you must click on “add new” that is at the top

On the next screen it will indicate that you choose the language, it is in English by default so just click on the blue button that says “Add New” and you will appear in the editor of the form.

To do this, we will see step by step how to configure each of the tabs that we will find inside the Contact Form 7 plugin. Go for it!…

Form Tab:

The first is the “Form” block. The Contact Form 7 plugin allows us to create almost any type of form, in most cases it is enough to “mess around” with the tool to see how easy it is to make the form you need.

Fields form contact form 7: These are all the possibilities that you can add to your contact form with Contact Form 7.

  • First name
  • E-mail
  • Affair
  • Message
  • Field to add URL or user website
  • Phone
  • Field to add a number
  • Add date
  • Add text area
  • Dropdown menu
  • Check box, for example legal notice.
  • Generic text field
  • Selection and acceptance buttons in checkbox, radio and input format
  • Field to attach files
  • Questionnaire
  • And of course .. submit button

With all these possibilities, the only limitations are your creativity.
How to add new fields to a form with Contact Form 7?  Very easy. To add any of these fields to your form, you just have to click on the button corresponding to the field you want to add and you will see that the necessary code will automatically be loaded so that it appears at the bottom.

Email Tab:

This tab is very easy and quick to configure but it is vital that you do it well since it is where you must add the account data where you want to receive the content that your users send through the contact form you have created.

Add your contact information and how you want to receive the email with the data of your users and voila, it has no loss.

In fact, I usually leave it as it comes by default since Contact Form 7 will take the web administrator’s email account and send all the content to fill in the form created by default.

More than enough for 90% of the projects. Next!

Messages Tab:

As you can see, this plugin is super simple to use and so versatile that we can even customize all the messages that appear when the end user interacts with the contact form created.

By default, these messages will be translated into the language of the installation we have, if we work in Spanish, then, all confirmation messages will come in Spanish, but we can also modify them for each of the forms so that we can fully customize everything what appears on that form.

Unless you need something very specific, or you are a horny and want to give your form a very personal touch, the messages that come by default are perfectly valid and perfectly translated.

Additional Settings Tab:

As the description indicates, in this section we can complement Contact Form 7 including code snippets, usually known as snippets.

Of course, not worth any code, you have some examples of what you can do on the official documentation page of the plugin.

If you got here! Congratulations! You have finished configuring the plugin correctly thanks to the contact form 7 guide(Guide Contact Form 7: Create Contact Forms With WordPress Plugins Easily).

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