10+ Sites for Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vector Images, and Videos

10+ Sites for Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vector Images, and Videos: In these days where blogging, from both individuals and companies, overwhelms even the most hungry information seeker, the old adage of “an image says more than a thousand words” has more and more weight.

When creating a website for your company or writing articles on your blog, the use of images is necessary, but time is short and resources are generally famished, so you usually choose to launch the website or publish articles with very poor images obtained from Google Images, turning a blind eye to both copyright and their quality.

Top 10 Sites for Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vector Images, and Videos

The world of graphic design moves at an impressive rate as do its workflows. Today we bring you the best links, where you can find high-quality photos and vectors for free use.

1. Shutterstock

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Shutterstock is one of the best sources of royalty-free stock images for personal and commercial use.

The stock imagery website, which has more than 235 million stock photos, stock video clips, and music tracks available, offers affordable pre-paid image plans and annual plans for individual use, as well as team plans and business, which can meet your budget needs.

2. iStock

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Like its older brother, iStock is one of the best stock photography websites because it offers millions of affordable, high-quality, royalty-free stock photos.

In addition to offering easy-to-use functionality with search and navigation features, you can also enjoy purchasing credits in prepackaged units and using them to pay for images.

The icing on the cake is that they also have free weekly stock files for users to join their stock image website!

3. Adobe Stock

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Adobe Stock is a service that is included for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers and complements Creative Suite by being compatible with its design tools.

You’ll find over 50 million royalty-free stock photos, videos, templates, 3D content, illustrations, and vector graphics on this stock image website. Thanks to its compatibility with Creative Suite, users can acquire images directly in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

4. PixaBay

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PixaBay has some of the best stock photos and visual content – 1.5 million files, in fact – which are royalty-free stock images, vector graphics, illustrations, and videos.

According to the website’s FAQ page: “You can copy, modify, distribute and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking the artist for permission or giving credit.”

5. Bigstock

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If you’re looking for videos, stock photos, and vectors, Bigstock is a great resource. Like another of the big stock image websites – with more than 71 million pieces of digital content to choose from – you surely won’t be disappointed.

Plus, with a variety of daily and monthly image plans and video subscriptions, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from that fit your bottom line.

6. StockSnap

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StockSnap offers free stock images for commercial use, personal use – virtually any use – with no attribution required.

You can use the site’s search function or search for images by category. And, with hundreds of images added daily, and thousands of stock images in the site’s library, you can enjoy great images without a lot of conditions.

7. NegativeSpace

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Another of the royalty-free stock image websites is NegativeSpace. This digital image library contains high resolution photos that can be used without restrictions. All images are made by photographers from the NegativeSpace community.

Do you want to receive free stock photos in your inbox? You can subscribe to their delivery service for free simply by providing an email address.

8. Picjumbo

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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for photos for commercial or non-commercial use, Picjumbo is a great resource for finding 100% free stock photos. They are adding new photos daily and they have tons of photo categories to choose from.

Users have access to over 100 photo collections. And just like NegativeSpace, you can sign up with your email address to receive free stock photos in your inbox that you can also use. However, if you want to access their premium image line, they also offer a paid service for members.

9. Burst (from Shopify)

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Burst is a free stock photo website that has an image library of thousands of high-resolution, royalty-free images.

Images can be used for almost anything for commercial use without attribution. This means that if you are looking for free images for your blog, website or social media accounts, you can check this resource and find some free gifts.

10. Unsplash

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Unsplash to the list of websites offering royalty-free stock images for free. This high-resolution digital photo library has more than 550,000 images that are available for personal and commercial use.

Although your license allows the use of your photographs without copyright limitations, you are requested to use photo credits whenever possible to attribute the image.

11. MorgueFile

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MorgueFile’s free image bank is one of the largest on the Internet. You can find photos of all kinds and most do not even require a mention of the author.

It is updated randomly by uploading images by users and anyone who wants can upload their own photos.

12. Freepik

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Vectors are very fashionable and in Freepik you have thousands of them to use for free. You can find elements for infographics, icons for social networks, perfect images for the captions and key points of your website and practically everything that has to do with vector images.

Not only are there images and vectors, you can also find flyer templates, posters, cards and all kinds of elements. Of course, you have to mention the author of the images if you do not want to have more than one problem.

13. PhotoPin

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For me PhotoPin is, together with MorgueFile, the best place to find quality images and 100% free. It has a similar operation and the photos are uploaded by users, but the truth is that the quality of the photos in PhotoPin cannot be found for free in many other sites.

You also have to mention Photopin and the author of the photographs when you use them, but it’s worth it and the quality they offer in return is very good.

14. FreeImages

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FreeImages is a bank of royalty-free photographs that is slightly unknown, but has content just as good as other banks. I especially like that it’s sorted by category and that most photos are in high quality.

You’ll find images of firearms education, design, science, cars, business, marketing and even themes. Whatever it is, it’s on FreeImages.

15. FreeImages.co.uk

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No, it is not the same as the previous one. It has a very similar operation and is practically ordered the same as the previous one, so FreeImages.co.uk is an image bank that offers similar benefits.

You will also find the images divided by categories, although in this case from my own experience I have seen that they are of poorer quality than those of FreeImages.

16. Stock Free Images

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Free images, both photographs and drawings or vector images. Stock Free Images has a smaller number of photographs than the rest of the mentioned stocks, but if you don’t find your perfect photo in the others you will surely be able to find it in this one.

17. Pexels

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Pexels offers completely free and high-quality stock photos, subject to Pexels license. All photos are tagged, easy to find in searches, and appear on our pages to discover images. All photos have been carefully selected from photos uploaded by users or from photos from free image sites.

18. New Old Stock

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And to end the compilation, a different stock: New Old Stock. Here you will find photos in black and white and from past times, perfect to give a different touch to your blog or website. It is very difficult to find quality and old photos, so keep this page well if that is the style of photos you want for your content.

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