10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate: Are you trying to go viral? Well, you don’t need to get millions of followers or views to have a successful online blog or business. You may be able to make a living with just a few hundred VIP followers on Facebook. Or you can sell enough seats for your online course with a smaller Twitter or Instagram tracking.

The point is that social networks are important, but it is important not to get discouraged just because you see other accounts with millions of followers or videos with millions of views. Every business is different, so it is more about how to use social networks.And that’s where social media plugins for WordPress come into play. You can choose from a wide range of tools, some of which help you develop your followers, while others are more suitable for spreading the word about your company. Most of the time he wants at least one WordPress social media plugin. However, some site owners may find that two or three of them are ideal for keeping users happy.

What types of WordPress social media plugins do you need?

Each WordPress social media plugin fulfills a different function, so it is important to understand what you are getting into before installing a plugin. Although this is not a definitive list, the most common social media plugins provide some of the following features and benefits:

  • Buttons for sharing on social networks: they improve their online exposure, as users find pages and publications they like and then share them on social networking sites.
    Social icons with links: they show customers that they have social business pages, and allow them to click and follow. It is one of the easiest ways to build your social followers.
  • A social login page: a social login keeps your site more secure and minimizes robot spam. It’s also easier for customers, since they don’t have to create a completely new username / password combo.
  • Social Comments: The default WordPress comment system has no social aspect. Therefore, if someone makes a comment about your post, it will not motivate others to comment. However, Facebook comments can be viewed on Facebook and on your blog, spreading the conversation much faster.
  • A social blocking tool: some blogs and companies restrict content with these tools. The user exchanges something like a social participation or follows it to gain access. It is a great way to gain more followers.
  • A social feed: Present your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed directly to your website. Add more visual elements to your site and preview what people can expect from your real social page.
  • A social media poster: this type of plugins automates the social publishing process. For example, you can have it automatically share your previous blog posts with Twitter. Followers benefit since they are always sharing content and do not have to work as much.

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Find the Best WordPress Social Media Plugin in 2019

You are more than welcome to start testing social media plugins using the quick list above. Some people enjoy guessing and checking. However, we have thoroughly reviewed each of the plugins below and explained when they are useful. We also talk about the pros and cons to help guide you in your decision.

1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

The Easy Social Share plugin sells for only $ 19, which makes it an absolute bargain. Easy Social Share is used in the Kinsta blog, and we love it. Some of the reasons why it makes perfect sense for a blog like ours is because it doesn’t slow down the site at all, and you receive multiple tools to share on social networks, tracker counters and email subscription tools. Therefore, you have the opportunity to build both your next social follow-up and the following email list.
Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Several styles are provided with the plugin. For example, it features a Mashable style and an Upworthy style, which allows you to imitate those types of websites. Together with a view counter, wonderful social media analysis and something called “subscriber reinforcement,” you can’t go wrong with Easy Social Share for WordPress. We also discovered that the plugin developer is very receptive to comments and entries.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It costs less than $ 20, however, it offers many more features than most other premium WordPress social media plugins.
You can link to your social media profiles.
It allows you to reveal counters to share social networks and the number of people who follow you on social networks. (including Twitter actions)
Create quotes to share in your blog posts.
It has a simple button for users to subscribe to your newsletter by email.
Share your main social publications so that even more people read your content.
See the analyzes and social metrics to see what type of content works best. Run split A / B tests at your social button location.
Choose from more than 50 social media buttons, 28 display locations, 50 templates and 25 eye-catching animations.

Possible disadvantages:

  • Some may consider that the first stages of plugin configuration are a nuisance. It is a fairly powerful plugin, but other plugins are easier to configure from the beginning.

2. Social Pug

Social Pug was developed by the team at DevPups. They also created Opt-in Hound, which allows you to create your email list. In addition to that, they also help to co-develop other user records and membership plugins in the repository. So, when it comes to social and user interaction with your WordPress site, this is what these guys do!
Social Pug WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Currently, Social Pug has more than 40,000 active installations with an impressive rating of 5 out of 5 stars. You can check the comments yourself. People love this plugin because it is lightweight, it will not slow down your site, and it has enough functionality to offer you what you need if you compare it with other larger plugins. They also have a premium version that offers some more features.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

This plugin is very fast and light.
The user interface and icons have a great modern design for them.
Includes social resources counts (and yes Twitter is included)
Offer different positions such as online and floating

Possible disadvantages:

  • Some of the good options you might want, such as buttons for sharing mobile devices, UTM and link shortening, are only found in the premium version.
  • Some alternative plugins offer more social networks.

3. Shareaholic

As a WordPress site owner, you are probably always looking for new opportunities to interact with your audience. Shareaholic is a WordPress plugin used by hundreds of thousands of sites that comes with a set of tools for participation in the site (Share buttons, Related posts, Follow buttons, Cookie consent and Analysis). You can read our detailed review here: Review of Shareaholic: a set of WordPress tools that attract an audience.
Shareaholic WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Shareaholic allows you to add both floating and content sharing buttons, as well as share buttons on individual images and options for social tracking buttons. Each location comes with its own set of detailed settings with the ability to activate the number of shared actions, choose specific social networks and more.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It does not add to the loading time of the page: according to the tests, add only 14 milliseconds to the loading time.
More than 100 free social integrations, which include WeChat and WhatsApp.
Advanced controls specific to Pinterest.
Privacy features to help GDPR compliance.
Official technological partner of Google Analytics.
Social Share Count Recovery.
Optional monetization options.
Brand URL shortener.

Possible disadvantages:

  • There is no direct button for Tweet
  • The large number of features and configurations available may be too much for beginners.

4. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons (Ultimate Sharing)

The Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons (Ultimate Sharing) plugin has a long name, but is simple and intuitive enough to become your main social media plugin. The plugin includes social buttons to link to your accounts and make people share your articles and pages. More than 200 social media platforms are covered with the buttons, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One of the main reasons why you can go with this WordPress social media plugin is if you are trying to find a highly customized design. For example, a blog about cats could choose buttons with templates that look like cats.
Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate


Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons WordPress plugin

Obviously, not all themes will be provided through this plugin, but at least you can install it, see what options are available and then decide if you want to keep it or not. Another reason why I like this plugin is because it can be creative with the location of its buttons. You can decide to have the buttons on some pages and hide them on others. It also allows you to change the margins and choose between effects such as stiffness and floating buttons. Most of the basic features come with the free version, but there is a premium plugin that is currently sold for a one-time fee of $ 25.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It is one of the most customizable plugins in terms of button visibility. For example, you can decide to hide the buttons after a user has already seen them.
People do not have to leave their site to follow their social pages.
Some of the design styles are extremely unique and give you some creative options to make your site look more interesting.
The plugin offers some rare buttons for things like Better Business Bureau, Github and Xing.

Possible disadvantages:

  • You won’t get much more than basic suggestions with the free version. The best support is provided when you pay for the premium plugin.
  • There is no way to set a minimum for social count or fan counts.

5. Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare

If you have ever read Mashable’s website, you know that it is a content center that can be shared. Social media buttons are an essential part of that system, so Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare tries to imitate what is being done in Mashable. The MashShare plugin has a freemium model, so most of the basic features are free, but you can pay additional add-ons to improve your own set of tools. Sometimes this is a good thing, since you don’t have to deposit cash for features you don’t need. But occasionally developers keep all the good features out of the free version, which requires you to buy several plugins.

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

As for MashShare, it provides sharing buttons for the most popular social networks. It is also quite dynamic and fast loading, so it will not slow down your site. I like the freemium model for this plugin, since I may not have to pay for anything.
Social Media Share Buttons WordPress plugin

Social Media Share Buttons WordPress plugin

If you need any add-on, start at around $ 25. Some of the plugins include the following:

Mashshare social media plugin
Sticky ShareBar
Floating sidebar
Mashshare receptive add-on
Google Analytics Integration
Mashshare PageViews
Mashshare open chart
Mashshare LikeAfterShare
ShortURLs integration
VideoPost Popup
Click to Tweet

Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It is one of the only WordPress social media plugins with add-ons. Therefore, you can choose the features you want instead of paying the full price for a batch of features that you may not end up using.
The plugin has a built-in caching for quick delivery of the buttons.
Filters and actions are available for more advanced development.
Short codes allow you to place social media buttons anywhere on your website.

Possible disadvantages:

  • Common sharing buttons are somewhat limited, so you may have to pay for an add-on if you want more.
  • The backend is little confusing. There are many settings to configure, so beginners can be intimidated.
  • There is a counterfeit count function. Then you can basically lie to your users. I think this could be seen as an advantage for some, but it seems a bit dirty.

6. Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon

The Social Media Flying Icons plugin offers 30 different button styles to try. Some of them are unique, such as hearts or bottle caps, while others are flat and modern to cover most industries. The most prominent feature is the flying animation that catches the user’s attention when it lands on your website. I’m not sure if these animations increase conversions, but they sure are fun to watch.
10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon WordPress plugin

With plugins like this, it is best to install it and see what button styles are provided. Finding the right look for your social media sharing buttons is essential, so you can quickly install and uninstall plugins just to see the designs.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

The designs are abundant, with creative options such as trucks and computers.
You can adjust the icon size directly from the board.
Change the order of social media buttons with a drag and drop editor.
You can add custom icons if a particular social media website is not supported.
Floating tools allow you to choose a start position and an end position on your page.
Short codes help you insert social media buttons wherever you want. For example, I could release some buttons right in the middle of a blog post.

Possible disadvantages:

  • The plugin only has icons to link to your social media accounts. If you need to share buttons, look elsewhere.
  • Some may find the effects floating annoying.
  • After choosing a theme, there are not many other customization options.

7. WordPress Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin – Super Socializer

Try the WordPress Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments plugin if you are interested in getting all your social needs in one solution. For example, an online store could ask customers to log in using Facebook. Afterwards, users could share products on Twitter. Finally, they could comment on their blog using Facebook.
Super Socializer WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

This is a totally free plugin, but you have the option of installing some add-ons for more energy. For example, you need a $ 10 add-on to modify Facebook comments. That is really the only plugin that seems a requirement (at least if you plan to have a blog with Facebook comments), but these are some of the other add-ons for you to choose:

Facebook comment notifier
Shared myCRED social integration
MyCRED Integration social login
Social Analytics to share
Mailchimp Subscription
Retrieve shared social counts

Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

Receive three social modules wrapped in a plugin.
Plugins are affordable and allow you to choose additional features. For example, you can place a MailChimp Subscription button in your social login area.
Around 90 social networks have buttons to share on social networks.
The developer offers installation support if you send an email.

Possible disadvantages:

  • There is no function to link to your social media accounts. You are only sharing buttons.
  • The default designs are not as modern or creative. In addition, they almost give you too many customization settings. I would prefer to have several templates from which I could choose and activate them instantly on my site.

8. Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the most popular networks to display on your website. It may have something to do with the beautiful filters that make your photos look more interesting. Anyway, including a feed to your posts can be done with the help of the Instagram Feed plugin.10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

The plugin is self-explanatory, since it links your Instagram page, decides where you want the feed to appear on your site and then activates it so that the images are displayed on the site. The Pro version sells for $ 39, but you only need it if you are interested in a pop-up light box, hashtag filter or support for photo titles.
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Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It is an excellent plugin to add some images to your website. It also gives people a taste of what they share on Instagram, which causes people to follow.
You can customize everything from width to height and background color to image spacing.
It is not limited to an Instagram feed.
The “Follow on Instagram” button is provided towards the bottom of the feed.
You can customize the CSS or JavaScript if you wish.
You can add your own header at the top of the feed.

Possible disadvantages:

  • The titles of the photos are only shown with the pro version. Therefore, the free version is more an image gallery, compared to a real social feed.
  • The plugin does not support other social media sources.
  • The configuration page is surprisingly long and intimidating for such a basic plugin.

9. Social Locker for WordPress

Social Locker for WordPress keeps people out of certain content on their website unless they complete some kind of social task. For example, they could tweet something or click on Facebook to reveal their blog posts or an eBook.
Social Locker for WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Social networks like Facebook have not always endorsed blocked content like this, but they can’t really control what they do on their own site. I like to use it more for high quality content outside of my usual blog posts. Therefore, if you prepare a wonderful webinar or an e-book, it is better to ask for social actions and follow them instead of money.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It is a wonderful way to increase your actions and the social continues.
It has some pretty impressive 3D effects.
You really get quality fans, since they are people who are interested in hidden content.
The plugin supports all types of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Possible disadvantages:

  • This form of content blocking makes it easy for people to follow it, take the content and then stop following it immediately.
  • Some users may be bothered by blocking content.
  • There is a “hide for members” tool, but that does not take into account people who are members but who did not log in to the site.

10. Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share was developed by the team at Macho Themes. They have a long history of creating WordPress themes. It was designed with ease of use and speed in mind.
Kiwi Social Share WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

Kiwi Social Share currently has more than 20,000 active installations with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you read the comments, you will see that people like how simple it is to use. You can quickly display your social media buttons before the content, after the content or both. The dashboard to control the configuration of the plugin also has a great user interface.
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

If you are worried about speed, this plugin loads quickly!
A social plugin easy to combine with the current design of your site.
Great support from developers. All support forum tickets have been resolved. This is rare.
A more futuristic approach, change style.
If you need to share counts, including Twitter.

Possible disadvantages:

  • You may not have all the options you are looking for.
  • There are no widgets yet, but they are coming.

11. Social Warfare

Social Warfare comes from the company Warfare Plugins. It is a simple and elegant solution to share your publications and pages. The main reason why users like Social Warfare is because the buttons are attractive. I’ve tried dozens of WordPress social media plugin options, only to discover that the designs are outdated or that they try too hard to stand out. The truth is that most websites need modern buttons without a doubt.
Social Warfare WordPress plugin

10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate

 The Social Warfare price starts at $ 29 per year, but that limits the use of the plugin to a website. It reaches up to $ 125 per year for five websites and $ 250 per year for 10 websites. That is reasonable, but it would be preferable to have a one-time payment instead of that recurring annual setup. Anyway, you are paying for the beauty and speed of the plugin, as it will not look restless or cause delays in your page loads. In short, it is achieving a more professional look.

How fast is it? Well, here we have a speed test that we run. Only load three scripts and all have less than 10 KB. It is definitely one of the fastest WordPress social media plugins on the market!
Social Warfare scripts

Social Warfare scripts
Why you should consider this WordPress social media plugin

It is one of the most impressive and visually fast WordPress social media plugins.
The plugin provides more than 5,000 combinations of styles, making it highly customizable and useful for marking your social buttons.
You can upload images directly to Pinterest.
Customize the message that appears every time someone clicks on the Tweet button.
Make appointments to share the content in your blog post.
Show large and shareable Twitter cards to ask users to read a quote and then share it on Twitter.
The plugin has short codes to insert buttons to share anywhere on your website.
There is a content protection module that blocks your own social call to actions. This prevents users from changing the text on things like Facebook and Twitter posts.
It only shows the share count when it has reached a minimum limit. (Including Twitter actions)

Possible disadvantages:

  • The plugin requires an annual recurring payment.

Our Conclusion on the Best Social Network Plugins for WordPress:

As discussed, you can end up using only a WordPress social media plugin, or you can find that a handful of them work for your website. Anyway, you have many options to choose from, so I recommend starting with Easy Social Share or Social Warfare so that those sharing buttons are ready for your users. The sharing buttons are crucial. Then you can implement other things like links to your social pages, social content blockers and feeds

If you have any questions about the best WordPress social media plugins, or if you can think of other excellent solutions, let us know in the comments section below.

(10+ Best WordPress Social Network Plugins to Share and Participate)

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