10+ Best WordPress Themes for Transport and Logistics Companies

If you are looking for a WordPress theme to create a website for your logistics, freight, storage, freight, moving, express delivery or other related business, then the collection that we present below will surely help you make your project Be a success. Here we offer the list of the 10+ Best WordPress Themes for Transport and Logistics Companies dedicated only to these types of companies.

10+ Best WordPress Themes for Transport and Logistics Companies:

1. Transit

This WordPress theme dedicated to the creation of logistics and transport business websites should be perfect and flexible if you use it to create your website.


It can be customized for many niches, such as transportation, delivery, freight, shipping and transfer. Its main page features a very attractive header with a full screen photo of a modern truck on the road. The latter is responsible for transporting the goods to the destination point. This image is symbolic and perfectly describes what you can do for your customers.

When browsing through your home page, you will see a clean and optimized design with a perfect typography, a description of the company’s services, shipping details, customer testimonials and more. It is based on the latest version of Cherry Framework 5, which makes it even more flexible and feature-rich. It comes with excellent documentation and high-end customer service.

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2. CargoPress

CargoPress natively offers a clean and modern look that will help you really show the logistics and transportation services your company offers. It has great resources and tools designed to help you change the appearance of the latter, as well as the design of your native designs.


As features, you will find among others: compatibility with several modern and popular add-ons, an incredible integration with the Live Customizes and much more. It comes with a single demo whose content can be imported, to finally launch it quickly.

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3. Transport

Transportation is a WordPress theme designed to help you easily create any logistics and business transport website. Its quality comes from the fact that it was developed by an experienced team; you only have to consult the other WordPress themes of which you are the author.


It is useful to know that it comes with the most recent and important features that your website will need. You will find in your package the free integration of the premium 2 add-ons that will be mentioned among others: WPBakery and Slider Revolution. In addition to these add-ons, it is compatible with add-ons such as: Woo-commerce, WPML, Contact Form 7 and more.

This is a WordPress theme that can be used to create other types of corporate websites, thanks to its 5 home page templates, each of which has an aspect that will not leave you indifferent. It is easy to install and configure, but it is also easy to handle by any visitor.

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4. Logistics

Logistics is a WordPress theme whose main mission is to help you easily create a website for any company that targets the transportation, construction and financial service providers sector.


The content of your demonstrations can be easily imported easily, making this WordPress theme an ideal option if you work with tight deadlines and have the obligation to create it quickly. It gives you the opportunity to create an infinite amount of color combinations and other options that we invite you to experience when watching your demo.

Your visual page generator is also included and will allow you to edit your designs without entering any code. Therefore, if you are looking for a flexible and flexible website creation solution, we invite you to review this WordPress theme.

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5. Global Logistics

Using this WordPress theme will help you create a powerful and powerful website for any company that offers its services in the areas of transportation and logistics.

global logistics-wordpress-theme-2019

The design of your website will stand out from the competition due to the unique design of this WordPress theme. It is complete and has the most advanced customization options; which will facilitate the personalization of your W theme.

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6. Roadway

Roadway is a sensitive and well-documented WordPress theme, developed by Cherry Framework 5. It is ideal for creating business websites, including those that provide transportation, logistics, shipping and delivery services. Its user-friendly and content-oriented design promises intuitive navigation. Very flexible and customizable, it can be adjusted to perfectly meet the needs of your business.


Designed with clean and valid code, the WordPress Roadway theme offers a visual page editor: Power Pages that, combined with the WordPress Customizer live, offers a transparent and fast customization of the latter. Roadway has an excellent reference and is optimized for fluency.

The fact that it is based on Bootstrap Framework automatically makes its content practical on any screen size. You can customize your texts with a wide selection of Google web sources. The integration of Google Maps will also allow users to easily find their physical location.

If you have any questions, free customer service is available 24/7.

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7. Transcargo

Transcargo is a popular WordPress theme dedicated to logistics and transportation companies. To simplify, Transcargo offers only one demo. However, thanks to the customization settings and tools you have, you will have the opportunity to expand your possibilities.


Your default layout has an animated slide show that runs in Slider Revolution. Thanks to the interface of this slide manager, you can customize the existing demo content or create your own slides.

The Visual Composer plugin is also included. Thanks to this, you can edit your pages visually. You can also create your own pages without much difficulty. It integrates with the Live Customizer, which facilitates typography editing, the choice of a color scheme and design options.

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8. Truckload

Truck transport would have been built in collaboration with the owners of transport companies, to ensure that it will be equipped with all the elements that this type of project usually needs. Then, if you choose Trucking for your website, you will have access to a responsive WordPress theme that presents page templates that you will find on the popular websites of this niche.


This WordPress theme is compatible with the Visual Composer plugin -WPBakery- that will help you customize the included page templates. You can also change the overall appearance of your website through its control panel. And if you want to be even more creative, the main pages used by this WordPress theme are included in the package.

Therefore, if the WordPress Trucking theme seems to be an excellent opportunity for your project, you can check it by clicking on the link to see the demo below.

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9. Encompass

Encompass is a WordPress theme that offers a modern and fully customizable interface designed to help you create a website for any company that offers a shipping service.


This WordPress theme is based on Cherry Framework 5 and has everything you need to make your website reliable and leave a big impact on your customers. The Cherry Projects complement is also present and allows you to present your fleet in a very professional manner. The Cherry Services plug-in will help you present all the information about.

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10. Transpress

TransPress is a WordPress theme that is updated regularly since its first release and is now one of the most complete in this category. The new additions to the TransPress theme summarily integrate new demos.


It offers six header styles, two quote submission forms and a selection of new templates for specific pages. Like the best transport WordPress themes on this list, the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution add-ons are present and bring more credit to the maturity of this WordPress theme.

So, when it comes to creating a transport company website with TransPress, it is very likely that you will find a demo that suits each part of your content.

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11. Logistics business

Logistic Business has been designed to help you easily create a website for your transport or cargo business. It is about giving you the tools to create a website that will attract more customers.

logistic business-wordpress-theme-2019

To help your potential customers better understand your business, the team section will provide you with an excellent way to introduce team members. You can also use other page templates to tell the story of your business, while the attractive blog section will give you the opportunity to regularly share your information and other useful content with your target audience.

Your customization will not leave you unsatisfied. Its control panel is still powerful and intuitive and will allow you to change the typography, design and color schemes of your website. As this is a flexible WordPress theme that has a lot to offer, it is good to know that there is detailed documentation available to help you make the most of the WordPress Logistics Business theme.

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12. Mowasalat

Mowasalat is a WordPress theme whose main objective is the creation of any logistics and business transport website. The flexibility of this WordPress theme comes from its vast directory of features, essential for any type of website that belongs to that niche.


Installing this WordPress theme will give you access to a wide range of internal page templates. Their models will give you the opportunity to use different effects of animations to attract the attention of your visitors. It is accompanied by detailed documentation that will help you consider this WordPress theme.

Its design, its excellent typography and the quality of the fonts used will offer you an incredible website, which will undoubtedly seduce your visitors. Your code provides great performance (SEO), allowing you to have a higher ranking in the results of different search engines. Your updates will be regular and your customer support is very professional.

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That’s all for this list of 10+ Best WordPress Themes for Transport and Logistics Companies themes designed to help you easily create a transport or logistics business website. If you are already using a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest that we have omitted from this list, then offer it to us to continue growing on this list. However, you can also check our Resources, if you need more elements to carry out your Internet site creation projects, see our guide on Creating WordPress blog or Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

If you have any concerns in this area, let’s find out in the comments section to discuss them. But in the meantime, share this article on your different social networks.

(10+ Best WordPress Themes for Transport and Logistics Companies)

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