99+ Best Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

In computing, the flow of data through the network is called traffic. The reason for the existence of the network is precisely web traffic or simply traffic.To be successful in Internet business and generate income, it is necessary to generate and increase web traffic to your website or blog.
Don’t you know what to do to increase the traffic of your blog? So this article is going to be cool because I’m going to tell you 99+ ways to increase your traffic. I think that would be more increase traffic for your projects. It actually refers to how to increase visits to any site and not just a blog.

99+ Best Ways to Increase your Website Traffic


1. Add a blog. If your site is static like a corporate site or a virtual store you should consider adding a blog where you write new content regularly, this will give visitors a reason to return and improve the overall SEO of the site. Here you have information on how to create a blog. (Ranking your Website | Essay Setup Yoast SEO Tools)

2. Leave comments on other blogs. You should cultivate the habit of visiting other blogs on your subject and always leave comments. You will certainly receive visits from people who click on the URL you leave in the comments.

3. Write post as a guest. Most sites accept that people write posts as guests. And it is usually allowed to put in the post the name and URL of who made the post. Just contact the bloggers and ask if you can write a guest post, but make sure that what you write is quality and unique.

4. Hold a contest. It is a common practice to conduct contests or raffles. And the most common way to get them to participate is to write a post linking to your website. You will get links that generate visits and increase your SEO. Prizes can be as simple as money or geek items that always catch your eye.

5. Join a post carnival. A post carnival is an online event where several bloggers come together to write on a single topic. Usually one starts by writing a post with the best posts about something from their friends’ blogs or that they like, and then each of those and anyone else who wants to participate also writes a post doing the same. Sometimes it can arise spontaneously and other times it is organized.

6. Friends, contacts and networks. Have you ever heard the phrase: “It’s not about what you know, but who you know”? Well the same applies to blogging. If you become friends and get along with other bloggers they will be more willing to link you than if you were a stranger. A good way to do this is by linking them first and then establishing a relationship via email.

7- Publish using a feed. So your subscribers can automatically subscribe and receive news when you update, which is a good technique to make people read your content regularly and visit your page regularly.

8- Use feedburner. If you want to attract as many people as possible, use feedburner. It is a free service with a lot of features such as statistics, counters and also is compatible with most browsers and you will avoid having to deal with technical problems.

9- Offer subscription via email. Many are the browsers who still don’t use RSS and don’t even know what that means. Then offer subscription via email you will keep them attentive to the news. If you use feedburner it is easy to give this option to your site. You just have to activate the option and copy a small code on your website.

10- Create a newsletter via email. You can take the subscription one step further and offer a newsletter on your website via email. This will allow you to have more control over the emails that are sent to your subscribers, for example you could send welcome emails when they subscribe and send a weekly newsletter with the summary of your post. A good service to do this is Aweber but it is paid.
Content is king

11- Be the first. If your site is the first to talk about any news, it will receive many links from other sites that also want to touch on the topic and your traffic will increase as a result of this.

12- Write a controversial article. If you manage to write something controversial, people will talk and link to that article, either because they agree with you or because they disagree … which is most likely.

13- Write a list of «top 10». Users love the “top 10” list because they are easy to digest and contain useful things. Ex: 15 mini-tutorials for after installing ubuntu

14- Write a list of «top 100». If the top 10 list is good for traffic, the top 100 are better. People will bookmark their top 100 list and share it on social media naturally for the value of the package. Ex: this list

15- Write a “definitive guide to something”. People love to learn new things, especially if that new thing solves a problem they have. Just make sure that list is as complete as possible and people will flock to read it.

16- Post an interview. Try to interview someone fairly familiar. It will work best if the interview is to a blog or website because they will comment on the fact that you have interviewed them and will send traffic to your site.

17- Take advantage of the holidays. You can greatly increase your traffic if you talk about current events or big parties like Christmas, elections, the World Cup, etc.


18- Create a survey. People love good surveys, they will participate in it and share the results with their friends.

19- Create a ranking of people. For example, create a ranking with the 50 most beautiful models in Japan. Those rankings tend to create traffic because they feed the ego of those people and their administrators.( How to Improve Google Search Ranking Your Website or Article)

20- Create a ranking of websites. Similar to the previous ranking is to create a list of websites. For example: «the 25 best places to lose weight». The owners of those sites will probably link to the article and you may also find it useful to get new contacts.

21- Post a funny image. At the end of the day people just want to have a good laugh or get a smile out of it. Publishing a funny image is a good way to do it and it will increase your traffic also because people will want to share that image.

22- Create an infographic. If you are creative and like to research, create an infographic. These tend to attract links and traffic.


23- Create an ebook. This is the most efficient way to traffic. Just write a weighty ebook and give it to your website, leave a direct link and contact the webmasters of your same niche or subject and tell them about what you have written. The better the information in your ebook, the more people will share and recommend it and the more traffic you will earn.

24- Create a free CSS template. CSS templates are very popular on the web and if you upload it to the many template directories that exist, many people will end up using them. Include a link in the footer and you will surely gain a lot of links and a lot of traffic.

25- Create a free wordpress theme. You can even transform a CSS template into a wordpress theme. WordPress is the largest blogging platform that exists in terms of the number of people who use it and many people download it and you will get many links and visits again.

26- Create a cheat sheet. Cheat sheets are very popular on the web and if you create one you will surely see a great increase in the number of visits.

27- Create a resource for web design. The web design community is one of the most active and creating some useful resources for it is a good way to attract traffic. Examples: set of icons, textures, fonts, brushes, etc.

28- Launch a retweet contest. You can launch a contest where people need to retweet the contest page to participate. Prizes can be money or products of any sponsor. Depending on the value of the prize, RTs can go viral after a while.

29- Launch a comment contest. An alternative form of contest is to tell people to leave a comment on the contest page to participate. This will increase your traffic because your subscribers via RSS and via email will need to visit the web to leave the comment and this will stimulate them to comment more often from that moment.

30- Launch a review contest. If you want to increase your search engine ranking you can launch a contest for reviews where people will need to write about the contest to participate. The links you receive will send you visits and also a little more relevance to your site in front of Google. Keep in mind that for this you will need a good prize to motivate people to write about the contest.

31- Launch a voting contest. You will basically create a contest where the winner will be chosen by vote. Suppose you have a fitness website, then the contest will be based on everyone submitting their best fitness tip and the winner will be chosen by vote. This will motivate the participants to share the entry on social networks and ask them to vote their tip with which you will earn visits.

32- Launch a traffic contest. If traffic is what you want, why not be direct about it? You launch a contest in which people need to send traffic to a specific page of your blog, after the contest period has passed you just have to look at GAnalytics which site has sent you the most visits and determine the winner.

33- Experiment with video. As you may have already heard, the videos are something giant on the web today. If you are not experimenting with this yet, you should. If you want to do something simple just record yourself in front of the webcam talking about something that interests your readers.

34- Create screencast. A good way to create irresistible videos is to create a video of how you do something on your pc. I already know how to make a drawing, use a program or whatever.( Top 05 SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank No 01 in Google Search )

35- Send your video to multiple sites. Once you have your video ready you should send it to as many places as possible so that it is captured by as many people as possible. Luckily there are sites like tubemogul.com that automate this process.

36- Make a podcast. This can be a good source of traffic for a reason: there isn’t much competition out there on this topic. If you don’t know what a podcast is, read this. So once you put podcast in the air it will be the leader in this branch in your niche. All you need is a usb microphone to start recording.

37- Create audio interviews. We have already mentioned that interviews are good for traffic. Besides doing them by text, you could do some by voice. Skype makes this job a lot easier.

Social Bookmarking sites

38- Get people to mark in StumbleUpon. If you have friends using Stumbleupon, encourage them to mark your best articles. This will make the wheel start spinning and if other people like your content you will start to get a lot of traffic.

39- Try to get to the first page of Digg. Getting to the first page of Digg or wiggle me is difficult but once you do it you will receive hundreds of thousands of visits. You should start by becoming an active Digg user, trying to make friends online and understand the type of content that matters to them. Once you achieve these 2 things, tell your friends to send one of your best articles, focus only on one.

40- Send your content to Reddit. If you fail in Digg, try Reddit, it works the same way but it is a smaller and friendlier community at the same time, then your content should be better there. Funny things, technology and politics are things that usually interest this site.

41- Make your visits save your articles in delicious. If you write a lot of posts like “how to do …” then delicious can be a good traffic generator. Just add a delicious button at the end of each post. If you receive many enough guaradadas in a short time your post will appear on the first page.

42- Include social icons on your website. You can increase the number of posts to social bookmarks if you make it easier for visitors to include social icons on your website. If you use wordpress you have hundreds of plugins to do this.

43- Deal with niche specific social bookmarks. The 4 mentioned above are one of the biggest social markers for all topics and niches. But there are smaller and specific niches of a single theme that can generate a lot of traffic, try them.
Social networks

44- Create a profile on all social networks. When you create a profile on a social network you usually have a field to put the URL of your website. You know what? This is an opportunity to get links and also automatically share your posts on some of those networks. Here is a list of 350 social networks.

45- Start using facebook. If you want to generate traffic using Social Media then you must have a Facebook account. Have as many friends as you can and then you can generate traffic by posting links on your wall.

46- Create a facebook fan page. Creating a facebook page dedicated to your site is another good way to generate traffic. This is an example. And here is a tutorial on how to do it.

47- Includes a “like” button. Facebook has recently released the code for the “like” button that you can place on your site and allow visitors to post your content on their walls. Here is the page for you to get the button code.

48- Start using twitter. Another social network that you should use is twitter. You can create an account for yourself or one for the site. And then you can start sending links to your content and receive visits. You can get a lot of twitter visits.

49- Include a tweetmeme button on your site. Including a tweetmeme button in your post allows visitors to retweet the link to your post and thus receive more visits from twitter.

50- Explore focused social networks. You probably won’t receive as much traffic as from facebook and twitter but you should give it a try because the traffic is much more focused and of better quality.
Site optimization

51- Customize your 404 error pages. Whether you like it or not people sometimes enter 404 error pages on your site. Sometimes it may be because they link to a non-existent post. If you use the normal 404 error pages your visitors will simply go to another site. If you personalize your 404 error pages with useful links then maybe they will stick around. Here is a way to do it in wordpress.

52- Interlace your pages. This strategy will increase your traffic in 2 ways. First, it allows your visitors to visit your site more easily and keeps it entertaining. Second, this will increase your search engine ranking because “the juice” or relevance of your site will be distributed throughout the site.

53- Highlight your most popular content. People like to see what is “hottest” when they enter a site. You will receive more visits if you highlight this content and show it to your visitors. The easiest way to do this is to create a “popular post” section in the sidebar.

54- Test your site in different browsers. If your visitors cannot see their site correctly they will simply go to another site. That is why you should verify your site in as many browsers as you can.

55- Make your site load faster. There are many studies and tests that show that a visitor only waits a few seconds for a page to load or close the site and they go elsewhere. In addition the loading speed is also a factor for google. The first things you should do is remove everything that is unnecessary, reduce the size of the images, avoid having too much javascript.

56- Show cached pages. A very efficient way to increase the loading speed of your site is to show a cached version of it. This will make loading your website very fast. In wordpress you can use plugins like WP Super Cache.

57- Hire a decent hosting plan. It does not matter how much you optimize your site if you have it in a mediocre hosting like almost all free hostings. Better invest a little and pay godaddy, hostgator, banahosting or canalisp.
Search engine optimization

58- Create unique content. If you want to receive traffic from the search engines and you only have time to focus on one of all the things we said then that is to create unique content. That is what google and others value more. The more unique content you have and the more frequently you publish it, the greater your visits will be.

59- Build inbound links. The second most important thing is to get links to your site. This will ensure that you receive what is called “organic traffic.” All you have to do is get links, lots. The better known the site that links you the better. If you have a technology site, for example, it would be very good to receive links from bitelia, genbeta, etc.

60- Perform keyword search. Search engine searches work around keywords. If you can understand what are the keywords that people use when they do a search, then you can get many visits. For example, the term “install linux” is much more searched than “install ubuntu”. Then you could use it for the title of your post. You can help yourself with this tool for it.

61- Optimize page titles. The title of your page is the one that goes inside the <title> </title> tags in the header of the html code of your site. This is a very important factor in SEO and you should make sure you have unique titles on every page of your site and that the main keyword is present there. In wordpress you can use the All In One SEO Pack plugin to do this automatically.

62- Build an HTML sitemap. An HTML sitemap is a page on your blog that has links to all the other pages on your blog and that also link to all the pages on your blog. HTML sitemaps help search engines to crawl the content of your website and increase their position in search engines.

63- Use images. Many bloggers forget that it is very easy to search for an image in Google and that many people also use that function, therefore placing images on your pages will increase the visits you receive from search engines. Just make sure to optimize the image title with relevant keywords. Also remember to always include the ALT and TITLE attribute in every image.

64- Translate your content. Depending on the theme of your site, translating some pages of your site can multiply visits from search engines. In wordpress you have many plugins to do this automatically but it is always preferable that you do it yourself.

65- Create a version of your mobile site. As more and more users start accessing websites using mobile devices, this becomes more and more important. Here are 11 ways to make your site more mobile friendly.

66- Create an application for iphone. The iPhone is indisputably one of the most used mobile phones and some of its users are true consumers of applications for it. Then create an iPhone application that allows you to view the content of your blog. This way you will get more readers and also give the possibility to those who are already your readers that they can visit you using their iPhones.

67- Create an Android application for your site. Android is google’s operating system and it is attracting a lot of people so you can create an application for it too.
Online forums

68- Join online forums and put links to your website in your signature. Regardless of the theme of your blog, you will surely find dozens of forums related to the same theme. Most allow you to put links in the signature and thus you will get a few more visits depending on your participation in those forums.

69- Link to your articles from the posts in forums. You should do it in a way that nobody thinks you are spamming and posting useful things.

70- Join the Craiglist forum. If you browse craiglist.com (the largest classifieds site that exists) you will discover that in each city there is a discussion forum you can post there and leave links on your site that are relevant to what is being discussed.

71- Consider adding a forum to your website. Once your site reaches a unique number of visits of at least 500o or more, you should consider adding a forum to the web. It will give your visitors a place to leave their doubts or share their knowledge while increasing your traffic without doing much.

Content Hubs

72- Create squido lenses. Each lens in squido is a descriptive page on some subject. Creating lenses is free and you can include any type of information in them including links to your own site.

73- Create hubs on Hupages. A similar site is HubPages. You can create hubs on a specific topic and post what you want including links to your website.

74- Answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Spend some time searching Yahoo Answers for questions and when you find questions you can answer then do so. You can include links to your website as “additional resources”. Make sure that the link you leave also answers the question.

75- Answer questions on LinkedIn. It is another system where you can answer questions and leave your link to a page on your site that answers the question. Keep in mind that everything here is focused on business.
Old School

76- Submit your site to web directories. The amount of visits you will receive using this tactic depends on the quality of the directory where you submit your site. But the more sites you send your website the more visits you will receive. Here is a list of hundreds of directories sorted by page rank.

77- Submit your blog to blog directories. If what you have is a blog then send it to directories that only accept blogs. Here is a list.

78- Send your articles to article directories. Marketing to specific articles is a very good way to greatly increase your visits. Almost all of them allow you to include a link back to your site and that is the way you will be able to increase your traffic. Here is a list with article directory.

79- Exchange links. The practice of exchanging links is as old as the web is and that is why it works. You just have to be careful to exchange links with sites with unique content with similar themes.

80- Use ad exchange. That is to exchange the space that you do not use on your website to promote a partner’s site and that he do the same with some space that he does not use. The ad can be anything, you don’t need to know graphic design to make a simple banner.

81- Distribute a press release. Distributing a press release can send you some visits, especially if you have something new to say. Here is a list of 50 places where you can do it.

82- Include the URL of your site in your email signature. Email is the most efficient and most used means of communication and you should use it so that your contacts know your site.

Payment methods

83- Google Adwords. “Pay per click” is one of the most efficient payment systems to send traffic to your site and Google Adwords is the largest ad network for it. All you have to pay for are keywords. Depending on the theme of your site you can buy ads but only pennies.

84- Facebook Ads. The best alternative to Google Adwords is Facebook Ads. You can pay per click or 1000 impressions and you can also focus on visitors from a certain specific place to make sure they like your content.

85- StumbleUpon Ads. If your content is to attract visits from networks and social bookmarks then you should try StumbleUpon ads. A specific page within your site will be shown to users at a cost of $ 0.05 per view. If many users vote positively for your content, you will receive even more visits.

86- Reddit sponsored links. You can also buy ads on Reddit. Basically you will buy a link that will be seen on the main page and users can vote positively or negatively.

87- Buy ads directly. Virtually any website owner sells ads on their site. If you find a site with a theme similar to yours, you can contact the webmaster to ask how much an ad will charge you. The return on investment will be high here because visitors will be reading similar content and could become regular readers.

88- Buy a banner through a network. There are banner networks that can help you buy ads for a monthly fee. buysellads.com is one of the largest.

89- Buy reviews. Sometimes sponsored reviews work better because your link appears directly in a post and is shown more directly to web visitors. To buy a review you can contact the owner of the blog directly or go to a network that helps you find good prices like sponsoredreviews.com
Offline methods

90- Tell your friends and family about your site. These people are surely going to be interested in seeing what you say and will come in frequently to see what’s new.

91- Tell your coworkers about your site. This is another group of people who will be interested in visiting your site at least once. If the content of your site is somehow related to your work, this strategy will work better.

92- Include the URL of your site on your business card. If you give business or presentation cards frequently, you should include the URL of your website there. Professional contacts will be interested in visiting the web.

93- Print the URL of your site on some shirts. It is very easy and cheap to get some printed shirts these days, so getting some and using them can be a good way to advertise offline.

94- Create some stickers with your URL and deliver them. If you really want to enter the advertising war, print some stickers of the type stickers and distribute them to anyone.

95- Put an ad in a local newspaper. Depending on the theme of your site, putting an ad in a newspaper can be a good or bad idea. For example if you have a site that deals with local news then it would definitely be a good idea.
Out of the box methods

96- Make a joke of April 1st. April 1st is a very lively day on the internet where many people post funny jokes on the web. If you invent something fun then the owners of other websites will end up linking you and sending you traffic.

97- Set your website as the home page of each computer you use. If you apply this technique consistently it can result in a good source of traffic. For example you can talk to the owner of a cyber cafe friend and school or bookstore and ask them to put your site as a home page.

98- Browse your site in a computer store. This may not bring you hundreds of visits but it is definitely a fun tactic. Enter a store where they sell computers and browse your blog there. People will see it and think it is an important site.

99- Include your website on a sales page. Even if you are not thinking of selling it. Those interested in buying it will visit the website and thus you will be able to increase your traffic. flippa.com is one of the largest sites for web sales, there you can include the link and you may receive thousands of visits from there … and some tempting offers too

100- Pretend a hacker attack. The blogging community gets into confusion and a stir every time a blog is attacked. If you pretend an attack for example by putting some strange message in the blog title you will surely receive some extra links and a good amount of visits. Although people may be upset if they find out it was a joke.

Increasing traffic to your blog will not happen overnight. It will take strategy, effort, and time before you see measurable results. Sometimes it may even require you to redo your work, like rewriting a blog post to better optimize it.

But don’t be discouraged. Months, even years, pass before some blogs see a boost in their traffic. Keep experimenting with the above strategies to see what works best for yours.

Do you have any additional tips to drive traffic to your blog? Let us know with a comment below!(10+ Websites to Submit or Share Your Blog Post and Get Huge Traffic)


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