The 05 Best WordPress Hosting Sites 2020

In this article, I am going to tell you about The 05 Best WordPress Hosting Sites 2020 that exist today. Keep in mind that not always the option with the highest economic cost will be the most convenient. For you, to make it easy and dispel any doubts you may have, I put at your disposal what is the best hosting for WordPress according to my own experience.

The best of 05 service providers and web hosting that have proven to have very strong points, great value for money and a very remarkable customer support service, if not excellent.

The 05 Best WordPress Hosting Sites 2020:

1. HostGator:

The third of the North American companies that I will cite in this article about what is the best hosting for WordPress was also founded by a group of university students, this time in Florida, in 2002. With an exponential growth year after year, it has already founded offices in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and various parts of the United States. A company specialized in WordPress web hosting, with a great track record and very well established in today’s market.

hostgator best hosting site 2020

2. Blue Host:

Bluehost is a company that was founded in 2003 and has always tried to innovate to consolidate itself as one of the best and most popular providers of WordPress web hosting services and other commercial solutions.

Another of the American “monsters” and with a very good reputation since it was among the first to offer space, data transfer, email accounts and unlimited subdomains (something that today is in the plans of many companies).

bluehost hosting site 2020

3. Go Daddy:

They made an important place in the hosting market by offering very cheap domains. They currently have a customer base that exceeds 12 million worldwide.

go daddy hosting site 2020

4. Hostinger:

Known for offering free accommodation but what. Our advice is to use this free plan to do tests or non-professional projects. 

hostinger best hosting site 2020

5. CubeNode:

The server hosted in Spain. They have a chat service that works quite well.
Aimed at agencies with very competitive prices. 

cubenode best hosting 2020

What is finally the best WordPress hosting of the year?

Well, everything depends on what you need for your project as we have already told you. In the comparison above we have shown you the qualities of our favorites and it is you who must finally choose one or the other.

If you want maximum performance we recommend that you choose Bluehost. However, if you are looking for the best price but with good benefits, then we recommend Go Daddy or Hostinger if for example you already have your registered domain and you do not mind getting one or not.

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