10+ Best WordPress Themes for Animals and Pets Care 2019

10+ Best WordPress Themes for Animals and Pets Care 2019: In this collection we bring you a list of what for us are 10+ Best WordPress Themes for Animals, Veterinary Clinics, Pet Stores, Pets Care 2019. You’ll also find WordPress themes for pet breeders, equestrian centers, stables, extinction species recovery centers, hairdressing salons for dogs, and more. All of them have specific features and functionalities for this niche, such as well-designed contact forms, specific pages for the different services, and areas to include the professional profiles of your team members. Some even have an online appointment reservation system.

By choosing any of these WordPress themes for animal care, you can create a website for your business with a very professional visual appearance, which will convey a confident image that will encourage your potential customers to hire your services. In addition, by including pre-designed demos and powerful customization panels, building your web page will be quick and easy, without the need for code knowledge.Many of them offer integration with the free Woo-commerce online plugin, which will allow you to include a virtual store with various payment methods on your website.

If you do not find what you are looking for, you may be interested in taking a look at our article: 10+ Best WordPress Themes for Animals, Veterinary Clinics, Pet Stores, Pets Care 2019.

10+ Best WordPress Themes for Animals, Veterinary Clinics, Pet Stores, Pets Care 2019

The best WordPress themes for veterinary clinics, animal care, pet breeders and pet stores, As you can see their designs are top quality, especially developed for health services, and can be easily adapted to the needs of your company. Without hesitation, all these WordPress templates will take your business to the next level.

1. Medicare

your pet best friens theme 2019
Medicare – WordPress template for veterinary clinics and animal care centers

Medicare is a WordPress theme specifically designed for health websites. It can also be used by veterinary clinics, pet rescue centers and animal shelters. Its responsive design adapts to all types of mobile devices and retina (HD). It is easy to use and customize. Medicare comes with 12+ demos demos for your homepage – one of them for veterinary centers. In case you don’t have code knowledge, don’t worry because Medicare includes a drag-and-drop page generation tool for free – Bold Builder.

Medicare is very customize able through its administration panel with lots of options. You have an appointment request form. Bring the Cost Calculator plugin that will allow you to offer your customers an estimated budget calculator. You are ready to translate to another language easily. It is compatible with the free extension for online sale WooCommerce, and much more. A great choice for your animal health center.


best friends theme 2019
Bridge – Modern WordPress template for animal care, veterinarians, pets

Bridge is an impressive multipurpose WordPress theme that offers 380+ pre-designed demos, all ready to install with just one click, among which are some specific ones that can be used by veterinary clinics and animal rescue centers, adoption centers. With 100,000+ satisfied customers, Bridge is a guaranteed choice.

Bridge is really flexible and can be used for any kind of animal care business, pet stores, equestrian centers, etc. It is fully customize able through its options panel, with which you can choose from thousands of colors, upload your logo, define the structure of your headers and footers and much more. In addition, it includes free of charge the popular premium extensions Visual Composer and Layer Slider, which will greatly facilitate the task of generating your pages and animated banners through their drag-and-drop graphical interfaces.

This theme offers compatibility with the free plugin for Woo-commerce online stores, so you can easily sell your products and services from your website. It has video tutorials that will guide you step by step throughout the installation and customization process of your website. It has SEO optimization. Its design is 100% adapted to any device and screen size.


pet care theme 2019
Avada – Elegant WordPress template for veterinary and animal care centers

Avada in an exceptional WordPress premium theme that has 400,000+ websites that already use it with total satisfaction. It is one of the most popular multipurpose themes, and for good reasons. Its design perfectly adapts the contents of your website to any screen size and mobile device, including retina (HD). In addition, it is compatible with the free online sale extension Woo-commerce, so you can have a complete online store quickly and easily.

It has a large premium quality banner through which to capture the attention of your visitors. And an advanced panel of options with which to customize this theme to your liking, choosing between 5 styles of header design, unlimited colors and hundreds of fonts. Avada is developed in HTML5 and CSS3.

It comes with 40+ homepage variations and a multitude of templates for your internal pages. It also includes a tool for creating pages of the drag and drop type, so you don’t need to know anything about code. It is compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins such as W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, UpdraftPlus, Ubermenu, WP Rocket, All in One SEO Pack and many more. Your support is exceptional and has extensive documentation.


petz theme 2019
Petz – WordPress template for veterinary clinics and pet care centers

If you are looking to create a website for a pet store, veterinary clinic, training services for dogs or cats, animal shelter, pet hotel, Petz is undoubtedly a beautiful WordPress theme that offers all the functionalities and features necessary for Your business has an effective Internet presence. Petz responds elegantly to any screen size and has been tested to work on all mobile devices and in most web browsers. The optimization of your code makes your pages load super fast and has integration with the main SEO plugins. All this will allow you to be calm when your website is positioned correctly in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

In order to help you capture the attention of your visitors, it has a large banner that occupies the entire width of the screen on its home page that allows you to include videos and parallax effects. In case you don’t have code knowledge, you don’t have to worry because Petz integrates a page builder of the drag and drop type. You will also have at your disposal 500+ icons to include in your website, unlimited color schemes to customize your visual appearance, Google Maps, and more.

5.Pet grooming

pet gromming 2019
Pet Grooming – WordPress template for pet grooming and animal care salons

Pet Grooming is a perfect solution if you need a website for your pet grooming salon, pet store, veterinary clinic, dog and cat training classes, pet hotels, adoption centers or any other animal-related activity. This WordPress theme is perfect for building an online store based on Woo Commerce – the most popular free eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Its design is 100% responsive, so your website will adapt perfectly to any mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer, even retina (HD) devices.

Pet Grooming comes with a complete, fully detailed documentation, and has so many useful features and options to create an effective presence of your business on the Internet that you should not overlook to take a look at all its details. Finally, you are ready to easily translate to another language and have SEO optimization.


best theme 2019
Haustiere – WordPress template for animals and pet food

Haustiere is a premium WordPress template that will allow you to promote your pet store, veterinary clinic or your dog training classes. It can also be used by animal shelters, pet-friendly hotels, animal trainers and pet sitters. Being fully compatible with WooCommerce you can easily sell pet products such as food, toys, supplements, books, music, etc.

Haustiere comes with 2+ pre-designed demos for your home page, which you can use as a quick start for your web project, by allowing them to be imported with just one click. In addition, it is easy to customize and you can choose your own color palette from unlimited combinations. It has favorite categories, SEO optimization, you can make use of hundreds of Font Awesome icons, support for the WPML multilanguage extension, a drag and drop page builder, custom design of headers and footers, and much more.

7.Pet club

pet club theme 2019
Pet Club – WordPress template for animal adoption centers, pet clubs

Pet Club is a modern, flexible and clean WordPress theme, ideal if you are looking to build a website for your pet store, veterinary clinic, dog and cat training classes, animal care shelter, pet breeding businesses, hotels for pets, adoption centers, kennels, personal pet care, veterinarians, animal championships and competitions, dating and exhibition clubs.

If one of your services is adoption, Pet Club offers practical lists that show specific search criteria for animals. In case you want to have an online store – to sell food, supplements, toys, equipment, etc., it will be very easy to install the free WooCommerce plugin. Pet Club is compatible with Visual Composer, so you don’t need to know any code to create the website you’ve always dreamed of, as it has a very intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface.

This theme comes with 5+ predesignated demos for your homepage – pet store, adoption center, pet club, animal hotel and dog and cat care. Your code is optimized for search engines (SEO). Offer continuous updates.

8.Welsh Corgi

pet behavior 2019
Welsh Corgi – WordPress template for breeders of dogs, cats, horses and other pets

Welsh Corgi is a beautiful, clean and modern WordPress template designed specifically for animal breeders and pet care services. It is perfect for selling dogs and cats, offering pet grooming services, and also for animal care centers, kennels, veterinary clinics, dog shows, dog and cat competitions, animal clubs, pet grooming salons, adoption and Any other business related to animals.

Welsh Corgi is compatible with Visual Composer, so you can use this fantastic plugin to generate your pages without knowing anything about web programming. It is also compatible with Revolution Slider extensions – which will help you create and maintain amazing sliding image banners and with Essential Grid – so you can display your content in a modern grid style. It has several styles of highly customization predesignated pages that have been developed to meet the needs of each specific section for pets. You can also install your demo in a matter of seconds, so you only have to change the texts and images to have your website ready to promote your services.

Welsh Corgi has several types of personalized tickets – services, equipment, testimonials and more. It is easy to customize. It is ready to easily translate into another language. It offers a multitude of short codes.


friendly pet care 2019
Etalon – WordPress template for veterinarians and animal recovery centers

Etalon is a multi-concept WordPress template specially designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses, such as veterinary clinics, animal rescue centers, dog and cat adoption centers, online pet products stores, and any other related company or project with the attention and care of animals. With it you can have a professional website through which to promote your services, sell your products, publicize your project and all this in a quick, simple and without the need for code knowledge.

Etalon will allow you to easily include contact forms, display information about your center, opening hours, price tables, publish unlimited portfolios and galleries with your photographs and videos. It has tabs to show your services and prices in an organized way. It has a carousel to share the testimonies of your customers and much more. In case you do not have a profile with web programming knowledge, Etalon offers you the popular free Visual Composer premium plugin for free – the most recognized page builder with a drag-and-drop graphical interface; and Slider Revolution – powerful tool for creating and maintaining amazing full-screen sliding imagers.

This template includes in the same package 20+ variations of pre-designed home page that you can install with a single click, as a quick start of your web project. In addition, by installing the free WooCommerce extension, you will have a complete online store on your website. Etalon is highly customizable and easy to adapt to your brand image. It has a package with 2080+ icons of different categories. It is also 100% compatible with the WPML multilanguage plugin, and is ready to translate easily.


petta theme 2019
Petta – WordPress template for animal care, dog and horse trainers

Petta is a premium WordPress theme that offers a premium design, attractive, visually stunning, professional, polished, modern and impactful. It is ideal for pet stores, animal care centers, veterinary clinics and any other business related to this sector. Petta comes with 4+ variations of pre-designed home page that you can deploy with a single mouse click. In addition, it includes the popular Visual Composer page generation tool and a powerful panel of options in the same package, so you don’t need to see a single line of code to create the website you’ve always dreamed for your business.

Its complete integration with Woo-commerce opens up the possibility that you can have an online store on your website from which to sell all your pet products.


equestrain theme 2019
Equestrian – WordPress template for horse riding and training centers

Equestrian is one of the most widely used WordPress templates for the creation of a website for equestrian centers, stables, horse training centers and any other activity related to horse riding.

Equestrian comes packaged with the most useful premium plugins for building websites with WordPress such as: Visual Composer – the most popular drag-and-drop page generator; Slider Revolution and Layer Slider – the perfect tools to create amazing animated banners in minutes. This template includes the content of your demo that you can install with just one click. Supports unlimited color options for customization. It is ready to easily translate into another language and is compatible with the WPML multilingual site plugin.

Equestrian also has full integration with Woo Commerce so you no longer have an excuse to sell all your products, services, classes, books, videos, etc. online. It also includes a module that shows the weather of the location of your equestrian center.

12.RT-Theme 20

rt theme 2019
RT-Theme 20 – WordPress template for animal, pet and veterinary health centers

RT-Theme 20 is a WordPress template that has 3 pre-designed demos ready to be installed with a single click and fully customizable, among which we find a specific one for veterinary clinics and animal recovery centers. RT-Theme 20 includes the popular Visual Composer page creation tool for free – with a drag-and-drop graphical interface and an options panel with which you can easily customize this template with your colors, typography, styles, content layout , etc. Its design adapts 100% to all types of mobile devices and retina (HD).

It also comes with interesting features such as: tool for creating catalogs of services and products, integration with the free online store plugin Woo Commerce, individual page design, search engine optimization (SEO), ready to easily translate into another language and to have a multi-language website installing the WPML plugin. RT-Theme 20 includes and extensive documentation, and offers continuous updates.

(10+ Best WordPress Themes for Animals and Pets Care 2019)

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